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    You forgot lack of a proper healthcare system, too.. and the fact that the government craps on their veterans by forcing them to stay at low-quality veteran hospitals unless you want to pay astronomical fees out of pocket. Fun!

    We live in a society in which even the poor have luxuries such as televisions and cellphones. It's all a matter of relativity. I agree the divide of the rich and poor has increase and is a concern though. As mentioned in the question before, many of these issues are arising with the political process as it relates to the sway regarding uninformed public and their appetitive and reckless desires.
    Most put it on their visa, where they can't really afford it.. and either use it until they declare bankrupcy.. or they skimp on other things in order to have it. Haven't you ever known anyone to borrow money from you and if you ask them about it they say "sorry bro, have no cash on me right now" while on their way out to a night of expensive heavy drinking? People even skimp on their children. Or they live without a penny or saving to their name. Then again, sometimes they can get their TV through donation or cheap through second hand.. so it's not possible to generalize.
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