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Well, just watched the two episodes I missed during my holiday as well as episode 17 last night, and though they didn't really progress much in the story over those three episodes, I really found them to be interesting. I especially like the Recon Corps for being such defined characters, like, they all of such unique interests and personalities, and manage to be hilarious despite the fact that they're supposed to be a serious group :p

But yeah, like I said, not much progression, though that doesn't mean the episodes are bad. We got some new and interesting characters introduced, as well as getting all our favourite characters accepted into the Recon Corps :D I really like how most of them did it, even though it wasn't necessarily what they, or their families, wanted, but because it'd help humanity. Historia definitely looks out of place though :p

I really like Hanji for the fact that she's taking a different approach with the titans. I mean, if they actually study the titans and find out what they actually are, maybe there'd be a better chance that they'd find out how to defeat them. It could be possible that the titans aren't actually in control of what they're doing, or stuff like that :p I also like how she actually grows attached to the titans and at times forget that they're actually dangerous, even though they do nothing but bite at her. Yah she's a crazy maniac. Also, I don't know why, but at times I just really find Levi's blank stares to be hilarious. He'd also pull off a maid outfit perfectly ;)

I'm really curious about the female titan as well. I'm pretty sure they mentioned at some point that titans don't have genders, so it's pretty certain that she's a human transformed into a Titan. I was also pretty confused about what was even happening when Jean was attacking her and Armin started shouting about Eren being crushed until Blade said this:

06:02 blade Anyways I get what Armin was saying now @ best friend
06:02 blade He was talking about Eren dying but that still doesn't make sense
06:03 blade Armin was actively thinking about who could be the female titan
06:03 blade She was looking for eren ya probably
06:03 blade And/or didn't want to crush armin
06:03 blade Either soft or she's in their class
06:04 blade And when Armin said eren was crushed she paused ya

So yeah, I think it'd make sense that she's a human-titan from their class, since that would explain why she didn't just kill Armin, but had no problem killing any of the other Recon Corps members. Probably means Jean would've been safe too. The only candidate I can really think of to be the titan though is Annie, since she was the only member of their class who didn't join the Recon Corps, and they kiiiinda look alike? At least more so than any of the other classmates :p

Really looking forward to the next episode though. They always seem soo short, but it's just because I find a lot of other animes to be boring and dragged out, so yeah :p It better not take a turn like SAO did >:(
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