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Just seeing this, man, makes me mad, I mean seriously people. There's so many varying degrees of people with autism. I bet those claims in that letter are severely over exaggerated. So what. The parents wanted their autistic kid to actually have exposure instead of locking him up like some kind of monster. He's a kid too, even if he has a severe mental handicap.

The real ******** even is that even kids that are mildly autistic get this ****. It's ****ing retarded. It seems like if you don't fit the mold you don't belong at all, and the worse it is, the more acceptable it is to act this way. I mean, honestly, unless the kid was actually doing damage I wouldn't have a problem with it - I've seen extremely autistic children before and, while I didn't agree with everything their parents did (protip - if your autistic son is freaking the hell out by taking him to a Chuck E. Cheese's, he probably doesn't like it very much) but seriously, they're doing the best they can, and the kid can't help it. But I guess blind people should drive and people in wheelchairs should just run marathons, eh?

Jesus Christ it's not like he had a ****ing panic attack in a movie theatre or something.
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