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Mightyena is one of those Pokemon that can cope fairly well early in the game but gets heavily outclassed towards the end. I mean it was one of the stronger Pokemon at the start alongside Beautifly but that was probably because they evolved early, had pretty good moves and there weren't many things that could stand in their way. As the game progresses on however, stronger and better Pokemon are introduced. There are floods of all sorts of Pokemon and pretty much all of them have better stats. Mightyena has tough competition and I'd only recommend it for early-game use. Anything after that and it'd probably fall behind.

Generally though its outclassed by better dark-types. Absol is a good example and while Intimidate certainly comes in handy, you've got cactuses and sharks and wolf cats that can all do so much more. Its design is really cool but overall not a Pokemon that I'd find myself using any time soon. ):
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