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    You were honest with us so far. On what occasion do you lie?
    Hmm, usually if I want something from someone, or whenever I get bored. I'm being truthful with you simply because I want nothing from you. Unless you have something.

    I can't decide if you're a good person or not. Have you any regrets for (possibly) destroying these villages you visited when you roamed?
    Oh, I don't destroy villages. Believe me, with a past like mine, you have a good deal of respect. The villages I stay are almost always left intact. There was one exception; the townspeople attempted to run me out, so I had to destroy a few houses to create a rubble barrier to escape behind. Of course, I didn't kill anyone.

    You sure sound Queenly, but a Queen without a Kingdom to rule... she's just as mortal as the next Pokemon. How do you deal with knowing that you could die and not ever rebuilt your Kingdom?

    ... Pardon that outburst, heehee. Well, I am already dead as you can tell from my ghostly presence, but if that did happen, it would probably shatter me quite a bit, although not as much as you would expect.

    Do you even want to rebuilt your Kingdom? Say you had the chance, time and resources.
    *sigh* Although I would love to, I could not rebuild the people that were killed. It wouldn't be the same.

    What was your relationship with the residents of the village you ruled?
    They adored me! Oh, they would do just anything for me. At first, when I began ruling, I felt no emotion to them, but eventually I came to love them all myself. They were very noble, brave people. If they were alive today, we easily could have converted the village into a proper kingdom.

    How would you describe your childhood in general?
    Simply glorious. I was the prettiest of the Snorunt of my generation, which is a hard feat to achieve since Snorunt are not commonly attractive, and everyone loved me. Although it seems, well, very unusual that I had such a great following even at a young age, I did a lot of work to keep myself in shape and beautiful. Although, as a child it was harder to convince people because no one believes kids, heehee.

    Who has had the most influence on you?
    Well, it any specific person. I had always heard stories told by mother about the powerful kings and queens of other realms and kingdoms, and the idea of ruling appealed to me significantly. However, I refused to allow myself to become a dictational kind of ruler. Peace is indeed the key to happiness, and it worked wonders for my village.

    What is the evilest thing you have done?
    I once stole money from a kid. It was a terrible thing, indeed, but it was either him or me. I needed something to eat, after all. Besides, he had parents who could feed them.

    Do you have any biases or prejudices?
    Heehee, if you consider the fact that I think I'm the most important woman in Altica, then yes, I have a bias.

    What's your favorite hobby and pastime?
    I enjoy a nice rest in a pile of snow now and then. You have to go back to your roots at some point.

    Are you spontaneous, or do you like making plans?
    Spontaneous decisions are never a good thing. I can make fast plans should it be needed, but that's the closest I'll get to a rash decision. Everything else must be approached with some idea of what will happen.

    What do you consider your only weakness? You seem to be full of yourself. You think that could be a problem?
    Full of myself? On the contrary, how I speak of myself is absolutely true. You commoners...

    My weakness is probably how I speak to others, I suppose. Losing everyone you know tends to dull your social skills, so I can come off as rather rude on occasions. I also tend to only have allies, as my experiences have proven that losing a friend is harder than losing an ally. Emotional attachment is the downfall of every good ruler.

    What are your reasons for being in an adventure? Are these reasons different from the ones you tell the public?
    Well, I was tricked into this. Ha, how ironic is that? The trickster was tricked! Elder Durand sent me a message under the guise of an anonymous salesman who claimed that I would receive extensive funding if I was able to locate an item called NevermeltIce. I did find the item, but when it was revealed that everything was a trick, Durand allowed me to keep the item. I secretly keep it in the lining of my bow. But I was promised some decent payment for the help in this mission, so I suppose you could say I'm under contract right now, heehee.

    So, Angie, what happens when you're provoked?
    *eye twitch* Well, I more or less eradicate the offender's existence from this world. Would you like me to demonstrate on you?

    Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
    Eh... I couldn't really place myself in either of those. I'm not shy, I just choose not to have a lot of friends. I am somewhat outgoing though. Maybe I'd be an extrovert with an unexpected hatred of socializing.

    Do you feel like your parents wanted a boy instead of a girl? How does that affect you?
    They wanted both, I'm sure. I think they just wanted me to have a brother so I wouldn't be alone. I secretly think my mom knew she would attempt to isolate me from the bad influences of the world.

    Do you aspire to be a better firebender, or it's not really your thing?
    Absolutely. I'm terrible with long distance attacks. The most long-distance thing I can do is shoot a small stream of fire than can hit out about 4 feet in front of me.

    Have you ever had any significant others? Like, love interests, crushes. If yes, describe them.
    Well... not really. Relationships are... meh. Of course, I'm a girl, so it's not unusual for me to find a guy I see in public hot. I don't do the whole dating thing though. Guys are hopeless when it comes to romance, especially when flirting is involved. I hate flirting.

    What are you involved in right now? Anything happening in Republic City?
    I plan to attend the Pro-Bending finals tonight. I've been following Force of Nature's victory streak for quite a while.

    Do you use any weapons for combat?
    Yes. It might seem odd, but I use weaponized playing cards. They're extremely sharp, durable, and I can light them on fire for three minutes before they burn out. They tend to make up for my lack of long distance abilities, although they can be easy to avoid if you know how.

    Where did you learn most of your skills and other abilities?
    Well, my first experience with Firebending was my mother showing me how to use a tiny flame to light a candle, when I was about 3. Then, at age 5, I was sent to some camp to see whether or not I was the Avatar. I learned a lot of my fighting abilities from there. My trainer was a woman named Marilynn. She was awesome. She taught me the majority of my fighting style, like how to surround my hand with fire without burning my skin off. Believe me, that was a painful thing to learn. There was also this firebender who lived in my building for a month after I arrived that showed me how to do a really neat fireball projectile move.

    While growing up, did you have any role models?
    Definitely. A lot of the firebenders in Pro-Bending matches were my role models. Although I can't do it, I love the original Firebending style a lot, and all of the Firebenders in these matches were my inspiration to try and learn it. Still haven't had a lot of success though.

    Also, I have the standard my-mom-is-my-role-model mentality. She managed to raise me by herself as well as maintaining our household. That takes a lot of smarts.

    Do you have a criminal record of any kind?
    Well, it wasn't really intentional, but I accidentally set a cabbage cart on fire. I've since learned that getting angry when I have my hands on something flammable is not a thing I want to do.

    Are you an optimist or a pessimist?
    I'm pretty optimistic for the most part. If I haven't given up trying to learn how to properly firebend yet, I've gotta have a good outlook.

    Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances you think murder is acceptable?
    Uh... well, if someone was threatening to kill me, my mom, Julienne, or any else I consider close to me, I'd probably kill them first for obvious reasons. That's an... interesting question.

    Do you tend to argue with people or avoid conflict?
    If it's something I'm passionate about, I will definitely argue it. Otherwise, I just say, "Whatever" and leave it alone.

    Do you care of what others think of you?
    Not in the slightest. It's my own business what I choose to do; everyone's opinion on it is just that.

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