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  1. Charizard. Awful in battle and has a dull and boring design. It just feels underdesigned even for a generation 1 pokémon. Runners Up are Dugtrio and Dragonite.
  2. Amphoros. It's really quite a weak pokémon and it's just really boring. It's Mega Evolution is really stupid as well. Runners up are Suicune and Crobat.
  3. Gardevoir. I hate how the Pokémon fanbase has sexualised this pokémon. I actually like Gardevoir, but hate what the fanbase has done to this poor thing.
  4. Arceus. It's jokes arent funny and having a God pokémon was a stupid idea. Palkia is soooo much better than this thing.
  5. Almost all of them. No seriously almost all of them that haven't already got the megaton of hate that most of them justify. The only ones I like a Bravialry, Zekrom, Oshawott and a few others I can't remember.