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    Manage to get my hands on Black and Black 2 just now and am itching to play it for the first time... Well i will refinish black again then play black 2 for the first time.. Maybe I will put a stop to playing Y (and well I may decide to delete my save game there if ever).

    Anyways Marionz decided to abandon all his progress on Kalos so far and travel to Unova region to search himself. His flight is yet to come but he is estimated to arrive there at 16:00 or so. I hope Unova will welcome him as much as Kalos welcomed him so far.

    He also decided to release all of his pokemons on Kalos exactly leaving everything behind him. He wants to fully explore Unova first before returning to Kalos once more. And before he returns to Kalos, Marionz wants to make sure that his time and journey on Unova region would not go to waste.
    I will be readding those people I've added in the past... My friend code changed and I don't know why.. Some of my applications are gone in my 3DS too so.. I dunno what happened.. Someone may have messed with my 3DS

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