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Name: Izzy “Doc” Sato

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Pokegear Choice: Green


Build, Clothing, and Accessories: For his age Izzy has always been a fairly active person. He has kept his weight on par with his standards of being fit. Standing at 5’ 11” and weighing in at 195 pounds he enjoys Hiking and on normal occasions dresses to that standard. He has taken to wearing Khakis and tee shirts over any other attire due to the comfort as well as, free range of movement. That being said his preferred color scheme tends to lean towards the drab earthy tones, so as not to draw a lot attention from the things around him. Normally this means an olive green pair of khakis, and a light brown tee shirt. He wears comfortable brown hiking boots that he cleans on a regular basis. When he goes for his hikes, he also brings am olive drab baseball hat, old dusty goggles, and a checkered olive drab and black Shemagh. When he goes for long walks, he will bring a vintage military bag that holds much of his gear and has a medical symbol over the main flap where he stores a fairly well stocked medical kit.

Facial Features, Unique Markings, and Skin Color: Izzy doesn’t enjoy long hair, He Keeps his Onyx black hair fairly short and shaves any facial hair often. His eyes are a tame light brown which he feels help people feel more at ease around him. On both his right cheek and partially on his right shoulder are very pronounced scars from a childhood bike accident. The scar on his cheek vaguely resembles a backwards J two inches in length, and the scar on his shoulder stretches diagonally from the center of the shoulder to the center of the chest for roughly four inches. Being in the sun as often as he is, Izzy has developed a natural farmer’s tan, as he does not normally take his shirt off due to the scar on his shoulder. The rest of his body is a fairly pasty white due to his lack of even tanning.

Essential Gear: As a seasoned hiker, Izzy doesn’t go out unprepared. He keeps a medical Kit with him on his Hikes, intended more for severe injuries he or anyone he should encounter would have. He Carries Clothing for cold weather and wet weather. He packs a small 2 person tent that would better fit one person with gear, but in extreme situations could fit 2 people. A map and compass are also included in his gear as they have been essential in his navigation of harsh mountains and outlying forests. He keeps a camel-back on as well as a secondary canteen for long hikes. A small flashlight for accessing his bag at night, could be used in a cave, but is extremely inconvenient and not used normally. He keeps light climbing gear around in the case he has to climb small ledges and trees; he normally does not carry any specialized equipment due to it being too heavy to travel with. With his average travelling gear his pack weight comes in at just over 40 pounds, his pack and frame are rated to roughly 80 pounds, at that point the frame stands a chance of breaking if he doesn't collapse from too high of load first.

Izzy is a rather outgoing person; he volunteered often in the Azalea Pokémon center, helping others and their Pokémon since a young age. He Is referred to as "Doc" due to his adept medical understanding of both pokemon and humans. Always more than willing to help a tired traveler, it would seem it is just in his nature. This leaves him vulnerable to travelers looking to take advantage of him.

He enjoys walks and hikes, but has an entirely odd fear of Bikes ever since he had a rather bad bike accident leaving him with 2 permanent scars. The scar on his right cheek has become a topic of which he enjoys to reminisce about past mistakes he has made. The scar on his shoulder he seldom mentions or talks about, only a few people know about it.

He is a very curious person, often leading him into trouble. This was fueled only more when he was only allowed to travel short distances away from town. Izzy has become keen to avoid outrageously dangerous situations that he would perceive as unnecessary. Since he will avoid some situations, Izzy could be determined to be somewhat unreliable as an ally. Though he will not actually abandon someone whom he feels may be endangering themselves or their Pokemon.

When it comes to being a trainer, he unintentionally gets a bit reckless at times; this is due to his lack of battle based schooling. It is somewhat made up for by his determination to train hard, but he still has a long way to go before he can be considered a mature trainer.

His friendship with his Rattata Quirk, can be seen when they battle together, win or lose they try to always stay on the bright side. If things get too far out of hand during a fight, Izzy will often forfeit. If things progress, Izzy will call Quirk back to his Ball, this being one of the only situations that he will use his pokeballs.

He holds onto a few traditions of his home town, which may be regarded as old fashioned by a few. He considers himself a friend to his Pokémon and not it’s master, as well as the extremely limited use of his friends pokeball, feeling that Pokémon would rather travel freely instead of being cooped up.

odds and ends:

At the end of the day, he will stop to watch the sunset if possible, it is calming to him.

Often Izzy will gather objects for his pokemon to occupy them on long trip.

Izzy knows many of the Joy family's names, most likely due to the time he volunteered at the Azalea pokemon center.

Izzy doesn't trust technology, knowing it to fail when it is needed most, but he still uses it none the less.

Ghost Pokemon often don't bother Izzy, as he grew up around his mother's Haunter

Izzy will examine Quirk's Friend ball when he is deep in thought.

Starter Pokémon: Quirk the Rattata

Tackle/Tail Whip/Quick Attack/Bite

Brief description of Pokémon’s personality :
Quirk is very much the opposite of his trainer. He has a very introverted personality and takes time to build up trust with anyone. Once he builds an ample amount of trust that he is satisfied with the person or Pokémon In question, he will become very sociable and loyal to them. The only other people andpokemon he has become sociable to are the nurses and nurse aids at the Pokémon centers, since he has been around them every time his, friend Izzy volunteered.

Quirk Is almost always in a relaxed state when traveling. That being said, Quirk has a fairly good work ethic, when it comes to training.
Often you can find him walking alongside his Friend, Izzy or when he is tired, hitching a ride Izzy’s Backpack frame. Though he has a friend ball made out of a carefully chosen Green Apricorn, Quirk very rarely ever gets called back into, his pokeball. Quirk is not hazardous to strangers, he will just keep his distance.

Odds and ends:
Since They have become friends, Quirk will hiss when he senses a threat; This is a sign that Izzy now understands immediately. While not nearly 100 percent accurate, it can be very helpful.


A Blast from the Past and The Mysterious Figure

“Finally, a week’s worth of travel and I’ve made it to the ferry.” Izzy, exclaimed, arms stretched up over his head.

It was late evening, and the ferry to Cianwood was about to make its last trip of the day. Izzy and his friend Quirk hurried onto the ferry, sitting down near the railing so they could feel the breeze. Quirk scurried to his usual spot atop of Izzy’s backpack that sat beside him.

“Hey, I grabbed this for you while we were hiking through the flatlands, here you go little guy, you’ve earned it. “ Izzy said, as he handed Quirk a small stick to gnaw on. After all, Rattata are in constant need to keep their teeth short. Quirk happily took the stick and began to gnaw away at the it.

With quirk occupied, and thinking that a little rest would be wonderful, it did take about an hour to ferry to Cianwood, Izzy would capitalize the time by taking a nap. As he began to slowly drift into slumber, Izzy’s mind began to wander. His mind began floating back to that day, one of the best of his life so far.
-Somewhere in the forest – 1 and 29 days year prior…-

“What’s this?” An enthused younger Izzy contemplated, pulling out from his backpack, a small notebook.
“hmm, White, red, Oh! Here we go, green… The green Apricorn can be used to make a Friendship Ball, Perfect I’ve finally found the one!” Izzy burst out with excitement.

There was no time to lose, Izzy quickly packed his gear in his backpack, and looked for a ripe Green Apricorn. Once he found one, he placed the Apricorn securely in one of the pockets and quickly dashed home.
As he thrust the front door open Izzy looked around, He could see his mom and Langley working diligently on the day s lunch. His dad was out, which meant, it was the perfect time to tell his mom the plan.

“Mom! Mom! I found the perfect Apricorn!” Izzy stated, with a hint of pride.

“What would you need an Apricorn for? Wait you aren’t planning on going out and capturing a Pokémon on your own are you!?” His mother sounded fairly worried.

“Mom! I’m almost 16, I have a trainer card and most of the other kids my age have their own Pokémon. Not to mention the majority of them have left when they were 12 to travel the region.” Izzy had planned this argument out to a T. He was not going to take no for an answer.

“Yes, but you mustn’t forget you got your Trainer license When you went to Pokémon Doctor’s School at the Academy. You never took any basic trainer’s classes, which has me worried that get yourself hurt.” His mother’s retort was just as expected.

“It’s ok mom, I’ve been feeding and befriending a small Rattata behind the Pokémon center for several months now. I even named the little guy Quirk.”
At this point something unexpected happened. Langley appeared next to Izzy, voicing his approval with a series of rather stern “haunts”.

His mother began to calm down; she paused for a few moments to think about it. Finally she sighed, “well I guess I can’t argue with you, since you’ve made up your mind. Go see Maisy, if she thinks you are ready for your first Pokémon, I’ll let you catch the Rattata on one condition. The condition is that you’ll have to take Langley along with you when you do go to catch your friend, just in case.”

Before another word could be spoken Izzy had vanished, just as fast as he appeared. Great, I’m sure Maisy will have no problem making me a Pokeball with the Apricorn I found, Izzy thought to himself. When he made it to Maisy’s front door he knocked, hoping she wasn’t out or in the process of making fast balls. Luckily, Maisy answered the front door; she looked surprised to see Izzy. She turned and looked at the clock,
“I’m terribly sorry Izzy, but Kurt is out for a short walk, he won’t be back for a little while, he must have forgotten to tell me you were coming today.” She said apologetically.

“Oh, well that isn’t why I’m here Ma’am.” Izzy said with a puzzled grin.

“hmm, well then what is the premise of today’s visit?” Maisy asked.

“I’d, I’d like to ask you if you could make me a pokeball for my first Pokémon.”
Izzy stammered, his steam had all but vanished in lieu of a clear suspense. He had realized that if maisy didn’t want to make him a Pokeball he would be seen as too immature by his mother.

Maisy looked at him, then politely smiled and asked him to come in. Izzy informed her of the situation. After carefully listening to his story Maisy, looked over Izzy one last time and she said,
“You have grown to be an impeccable young man, and the fact that you looked all this time for a green Apricorn for a Friend Ball, means you must really love this Rattata. I will make you a Friend Ball. Come back tomorrow and I will have the Ball ready for you”

‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Izzy, was so excited, he said his goodbyes, and hurried home, ready for the next day to come.

-The next day-

He had been awake early; this was the day he had been waiting for. Izzy planned on picking up the finished friend ball on his way to the Pokémon center for volunteer work. Once he put on his scrubs he was out the door, Langley following closely behind, as per him mother’s request.
He stood at Maisy’s doorstep, he began to knock.
“Come in”, A faint reply to the knocks, Izzy walked in, Maisy was sitting at the table, a single pokeball sat on top.

“Here it is, your very first Pokeball.” Maisy delightfully said.

Izzy approached the table, picking up the Friend ball that sat before him and examined it. On the top, just above the rear hinge, there was a carefully etched phrase. It read: Quirk Loyal friend of Isaiah Sato.

“I figured that since, you went through the trouble of carrying out the tradition of catching one’s first Pokémon with a ball made out of an Apricorn. I ought to use your full first name; I hope that’s not too much of a bother.” Maisy said, watching Izzy closely.

Izzy looked up with a faint sparkle in his eyes “It’s perfect, thank you.” He spoke quietly, very happy with the beauty of his first pokeball.

Just then he noticed the time, Izzy had to be at the center soon to volunteer. Apologizing for having to cut the meeting, Izzy headed to work, hearing a faint, “Good luck” from Maisy as he left.

-Later that day-
Izzy took a deep breath, filled the food bowl for Quirk, and looked at Langley. The look was a look that told Langley to let him do the talking, everything was going to turn out fine. Izzy placed the Friend ball on the top of the dry food for Quirk. They proceeded outside, Langley keeping his distance so as not to upset the situation.

Quirk came running up, and began eating like, usual. Izzy sat with him, and after a few minutes picked up the Friend ball. Quirk lifted his head up, and looked at the pokeball.

“Quirk I searched for a little over a week for a pokeball that would be fit to sum up our friendship over the last few months. This is that pokeball, and I would like you to be my first Pokémon.”

Quirk sniffed the ball in Izzy’s hand. He then sat down in front of Izzy and joyfully replied, “Rattata!”.

Izzy grinned, he was truly happy that his friend was willing to be his first ever Pokémon. He tapped the pokeball onto Quirks head. Quirk was sucked inside, the pokeball rocked back and forth for a short span, then sealed. He did it; he had caught his very first Pokémon!

Just then, Izzy heard a hissing noise coming from all around him, he couldn’t figure out what it was coming from. Izzy knew that hissing... Quirk had noticed something strange. He jerked himself awake.

-On the ferry-
Izzy awoke to Quirk hissing, “What’s up Quirk?”
Quirk was standing on top of Izzy’s Backpack, pointing towards the rear of the ferry. Izzy looked, puzzled as to what was going on. Not but 5 meter behind them, a small thing of some sort stood there. It looked like a small man wearing a tribal outfit and mask, but Izzy was sure he was the only one that boarded the ferry. The Figure stood silently, as if it were a statue.

“Hello?” Izzy questioned wondering if it was an oddly dressed crew member.

As soon as Izzy acknowledged its existence, the mysterious figure lifted its left hand and said, “Xatu”. No sooner had it said that word the figure disappeared. Could that figure have been some mysterious Pokémon? If so why was it riding on a ferry to Cianwood? Many questions had arisen, was it a dream? The ferry’s large horn blew for a few seconds; Izzy looked around and noticed they were only about 100 yards away from the dock. Ultimately he figures that the strange occurrence was just that, a strange occurrence.

Izzy put his backpack on and kneeled to allow Quirk access to the top. Quirk jumped on top what was left of his stick was clenched in his mouth. Quirk sat facing the rear of the ferry where the figure had been standing, still watching. As they got off the ferry, Izzy asked the nearby Dockhand where Cianwood Research Center was, and the dockhand pointed to a rather large building.

“wow that building is huge…” Izzy stood at the end of the dock eyeing the research center in the distance.

While walking through town Izzy noticed a Pokémon center which he’d stop by later to say hello, as well as a Pharmacy he may stop by to refill on supplies. After all, that hike used up just about everything he had brought with him. Finally he had made it to the front door of the Lab, He opened the door to see that the inside of the building was a few computers, scientists, and the likes. He stopped to ask one of the scientists where he might find Lrya, the scientist told him that she would be in her office at the far end of the room, knock first.

He reached the door, knocked, and walked in. Inside he met professor Lyra, and introduced himself.

“Hello there, professor. My name is Izzy, I came from Azalea town, where there was a flier posted at the Pokémon center I volunteer at. I am a Pokémon medical student per se, and this here is my trusty friend Quirk.”

Quirk had climbed onto his shoulder, looking at both Izzy and Professor Lyra. He cheerfully echoed, “Rattata”.

“We both very happy to meet you and I hope we can help.” Izzy said, extending his hand to introduce himself.

Extended History:
This History Is fairly in depth to explain several personality traits that Izzy and Quirk have.

Family Background and History:

The Sato family has resided in the Johto region for generations. While most of the family has moved out of the area, a few members of the family have stayed where family originated, Azalea town. The family was once made up of wealthy merchants who had decided to settle in the relatively isolated town, feeling that it served as a great place to reconnect with nature. Since then, the family has lost touch with its merchant past, and many of the family members have found jobs in the sprawling urban behemoths around the land.

One couple is all that is left to take care of the family house in Azalea, over the years they had a single son, whom they named Isaiah Sato after his great grandfather who had journeyed to far lands. From a young age Isaiah vastly preferred to be called Izzy, feeling that his full first name was far too formal. The only people that call Izzy by his full name are family members whom knew him well. His parents, often helped with menial things around town, as they did not work. His father and mother made up their minds when he was born, they would try their hardest to raise Izzy in a traditional setting so he could become a trainer. This was interesting, since as Izzy grew up, he was melded with both traditional and untraditional thoughts.

The family Pokémon, was his mother’s Haunter, named Langley, whom she had caught when she was a young trainer. Often he watched over the household when everyone was out. Unlike many Haunter, he was a very caring Pokémon, this was in fact the result of the training from Izzy’s mother. The only other pokemon in the household was a fairly lazy slowpoke which could be found sunning itself on the porch as well as pestering Langley.

In his younger years:

Izzy was a very curious child, exploring everything that he could. His parents allowed it, as they would just send Langley to watch over him. Though Langley watches him, Izzy has found ways to avoid his babysitter to pursue his explorations. Of course Izzy’s curiosity has placed him in dangerous situations many times, form being stung by poisonous Bug Pokémon to falling down the Slowpoke Well and breaking his arm. Through his share of mishaps Izzy has become very keen at patching himself up to hide the bumps and scratches to avoid Langley’s detection ultimately avowing trouble with his parents.

Another thing that many of the children around the town would do was to gather at Maisy’s house to listen to her grandfather, Kurt, tell stories about past adventures. Maisy was the successor in a long line of traditional Pokeball creators. Though this tradition was often overlooked by many, in lieu of the many different Pokeballs offered by large corporations, Maisy still took pride in her work, keeping the fading tradition alive. Kurt, would revel in his golden years, telling anyone who would listen about the old ways, when Trainers befriended their Pokémon instead of using them as mere instruments. All of these tales had left an impression on Izzy, but none as much as the story
of the Slowpoke tail thieves.

As He grew older, fewer and fewer children would visit Kurt to listen to tales that had been retold many times over the years. One day when Izzy was 8 he had visited Kurt’s house to listen to a story, seeing he was the only one, he had figured Kurt would just send him home. To his surprise Kurt still wanted to tell him a story. That day Kurt had a special tale which he had not mentioned prior, about the day a dastardly group who showed up in Azalea to chop off the tails of the many Slowpoke around town. The tale spoke of a young trainer, who had been traveling through the area, assisted Kurt in saving the local Slowpoke. Kurt then stated that this trainer was not like many of the others trainers who had traveled through Azalea. This trainer had forged strong friendly bonds with their Pokémon. This friendship made the trainer stronger than any of the Thugs who had taken the slowpokes, and allowed the trainer to defeat the thugs very easily. “This trainer most likely went off to do great things” said Kurt, wrapping up the story. He left Izzy with the lasting idea that a trainer who can Love their Pokémon through thick and thin will become stronger that those who treat their Pokémon like tools. He rationalized this with the fact that Langley was such a loving and protective Pokémon, because of his mother’s friendship over the years.

The Accident and the Academy:

When he Turned 10, Izzy’s mother and father had decided he was old enough receive his own bicycle, His mother dug out an old Mach bike from the depths of the house.

“Now remember this bike is very light and fast, the maneuverability is sub-par to say the least.”, his mother warned.

After giving him a full lecture on not taking it too fast and avoiding dangerous areas with the bike, Izzy’s mom let him take the bike for a spin. Once, Izzy got the hang of riding the bike, he felt it was only natural to try riding the bike faster.

A few weeks had gone by and Izzy felt he had become a pro at riding. He decided to elude Langley and try riding around the slopes near the entrance of Union Cave. Most of the day had gone by and Izzy felt he should begin to head home. Riding as fast as he could, he took a slight curve and to his horror a Geodude was playing in the road. Unable to swerve fast enough, he collided with the Geodude. Izzy was thrown from the bike, and knocked unconscious.

Waking up a day later looking at the ceiling of the Pokémon center, he wondered what had happened… His parents later filled him in that he was lucky enough to have a travelling trainer overhear the commotion and investigate what was going on. He silently made a pact to never ride a bike again then and there.

Izzy spent a little more than a week recovering in the Pokémon center, every day he would watch the trainers and their Pokémon come through, some even with fairly serious injuries, and the Nurses would go about their work with such skill. That was the beginning; Izzy had his first experience in medicine. During that week, he also met Mele Joy, the 8 year old daughter of Azalea’s Nurse Joy. She seemed to be a fairly rebellious young girl at the time, not wanting to help her mother; she instead went out and played with the local slowpoke. Once Izzy was out of the Pokémon center, he was ready to start at the Regional Trainer Academy.

Izzy decided that instead of going to the trainer academy to be a Pokémon trainer he would take their Medical courses. It would take 2 years longer to obtain a trainers license but, his passion was to help heal as many Pokémon as he could. His mom greatly disapproved stating that,

“You ought to learn to be an efficient trainer instead”.

Most of the time that Izzy spent at the academy studying; the various children in his classes were either part of the Joy family, or trainers learning basic Pokémon medical knowledge. When Izzy had turned 13, He began his last year of classes. There was one single change between the previous two years and now; Mele was attending her first year of classes, and her focus wasn’t on Pokémon medicine, like most of the Joy family. She had caught a Bellossom, and decided that she liked to travel more, than working at the Azalea Pokémon center with her mother. This meant that they would graduate together.

Near the end of the year, Izzy had finished his studies and was sure to graduate, so he sat and watched the final exams for the trainers. The trainer final exam was a rather large tournament in which students fight their Pokémon against each other to see who would graduate top class. This is when Izzy witnessed the oddest fight he had ever seen. Mele was in second place, up against the top student of the class, a young boy who had tough Growlithe. Her Bellossom stood little chance, yet when the match began Mele took out a violin, and started to play a tune. Her bellossom began to dance, The Growlithe began to attack, but Bellossom dodged it. Mele hit different notes and as she did, Bellossom began to glow orange. It then charged the Growlithe, the attack was not only a direct hit but, the Growlithe was knocked out in the process.

“Look that’s the girl that taught her Pokémon to fight using the music she plays on the violin.”, said a student nearby.

“Looks like she’s top of the class, I bet she is going to leave and challenge all of the gym leaders in the region one day” Another student replied.

Top of the class, Izzy thought. Well she certainly looks like she deserves it.
The End of the year was nothing special, all of the students graduated; many including Mele, who ran off one the night, left to travel the region. Izzy had a trainer card but, still didn’t have a Pokémon to accompany him. Oh well, he thought, one day I will travel to different towns and cities, helping and healing anyone who needed it.

The Pokémon and Trainer meet

Since, he didn’t have a Pokémon; Izzy’s mother wouldn’t let him venture too far from town. Izzy still managed to explore the nearby areas, he began to hike up the slopes around Union Cave, and he could be found enjoying the sunset there, many evenings. This also allowed Izzy to volunteer with the Pokémon center, and as he did, his medical skills got more honed. And over the years Izzy became known as Doc, by just about everyone in town.

Izzy had just turned 15, which was no big deal. The only thing that changed was, Nurse joy decided that he could watch over the Center at night. It was his first night, and Izzy was on edge to do well. He was taking the trash out, when something caught his eye, a small shadow seemed to be sifting through the trash. Izzy moved to see what the creature was, moving into view, he could see that it was a rather small Rattata.

“Hmm, I bet you’re just looking for some food” Izzy sighed, he went to grab an extra bowl as well as some food.

He set the food out for the Rattata, and watched the small Pokémon. The Rattata sniffed the food and hissed.

“Aww it’s ok little guy, you don’t have to worry” Izzy said, gleefully extending his arm for the Rattata to sniff.

The Rattata was surprised, so it dashed a short distance away. After a few minutes, the Rattata began to slowly inch itself closer to Izzy’s hand. Once it made its way to Izzy’s hand the Rattata sniffed the outstretched hand, pausing for a moment it then turned its attention to the food. As it began to devour the food, Izzy left to finish things he had to do inside. A few hours later, he came back to pick up the empty food bowl.

After few weeks went by, Izzy finally decided to name the little Rattata. He had given it much thought and Izzy decided that it would be best to suggest his name to the Rattata. Upon feeding the wild Rattata, he asked it if it liked the name “Quirk”. His friend nodded, becoming from that day on, Quirk the Rattata. They began to bond over the next few months, prompting Izzy to request to have Quirk as his first Pokémon.

Catching Quirk
Details can be found in the sample.

Recent Events and The Beginning of Izzy’s Journey.

Recently, there had been a lot of talk regarding strange Pokémon showing up in strange places. Most of the town’s people didn’t believe it, but Izzy would hear similar observations being made by Pokémon centers around the region.

The family’s slowpoke, who always messed with Langley, had disappeared for several weeks; only to return as of late, as a Slowking, whom prefers to be called George. George claims to have been lying about the Slowpoke Well, when he spotted an object in the distance. Waddling over to it, he found that the object was a rock shaped like a crown. When he put the crown on, a Shelder emerged from a nearby pool biting him on the head. He spent a few days wandering about the cave, trying to comprehend what had happened.

George and Langley have since become great friends; they can be often seen strolling through town holding conversations regarding a multitude of things. George has taken up residence in the Sato household, helping with daily duties as well. Though it is quite rare to see a Slowking the people of the town have adjusted, treating George like a towns-person.

Since he had turned 17, Izzy had become increasingly restless, wanting to seek his own adventure with Quirk. His parents have been saying no, so he had been contemplating his options, when he found out about a professor Lyra needing help in Cianwood. He had watched a stranger post the paper on the bulletin board, when he was volunteering at the Pokémon center. He read the flier, containing the professor’s plea for help, with it came an incredible idea. If he could convince his parents that Lyra called the center requesting help from someone there, and he volunteered, he could get out of the town and explore the outside world. He was also interested in the Plea for help; Izzy decided that if he could go, he would definitely go to Cianwood first, to offer his help to the professor.

Once he got home, He found his mother and father, in the family room. He then proceeded to tell them, his tale hoping that it would be enough to woo them. Luckily His parents ultimately decided that Izzy could go on his Trip. Izzy began gleefully packing he and Quirk were to depart at once. Once all of his gear was in order Izzy left his house saying goodbye to his parents, Langley, and George. Izzy decided to make 2 stops before he left town. One to the Pokémon center, to thank them for allowing him to volunteer, and the second to Maisy to thank her for the Friend ball she had made him one last time.

Upon entering the Pokémon Center, Izzy was greeted by Nurse Joy. Seeing his full Pack, she asked where he would be exploring with all that gear. Izzy informed the nurse of the details regarding everything.

“So you’re going to Cianwood then?” Nurse joy replied almost ecstatically.

When Izzy replied yes, the nurse gave him a letter to deliver to the Pokémon Center in Cianwood. Izzy accepted, thinking that the errand would be no problem at all. He and Quirk then said goodbye to the Nurse and everyone there, hoping to see them again in the future.

Izzy had finally made it to his last stop before he left. Knocking on the door, Maisy answered. Izzy began to thank her for the Friend ball, she had made him a little more than a year prior. After a moment, she looked at him and stated ,

“Why thank you, but you mustn't thank me, I only reflect the vision and urge I see within the trainer’s eyes”

He thanked her graciously, and as he left she gave him one last piece of advice, “wherever your journey takes you, don’t forget about your roots, once we are forgotten we cease to exist. To be forgotten is the worst tragedy of all.”

With that he stepped out of the door and headed into the Ilex forest. Their true Journey had only just begun.

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