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Real Name: Dahlia Reynolds
Real Age: 15
Real Gender: Female
Real Appearance: Dahlia is rather tan and has a slight smattering of freckles on her nose and down her arms that are sometimes hard to see. She is somewhat short for her age at about 5'5". Her dark brown hair is straight and is slight wavy at the tips. Her hair goes down to her waist. She has a pair of thick, plastic, lime green glasses that accentuate her light brown eyes. She is average weight. She normally wears clothes that clash, pleasingly or unpleasingly, like a blue and white patterned top with an orange skirt. She is inordinately fond of fuller, knee-length skirts.
Personality: Dahlia is cheerful and quirky, and often spins wild stories to satiate her creativity. At school, while normally a naturally intelligent straight-A student, she sometimes breaks the rules in amusing ways that she gets away with, like blowing bubbles through the halls. She is quick to judge, and although she will change her mind if her judgments prove wrong she will look for anything that proves her judgments. She isn't at all competitive, and doesn't mind losing all that much. Often found doing silly things without remorse, she isn't particularly prideful. However, she hates not being in at least vague control of her actions and feeling like she is being taken advantage of or being left out. Her snap judgments still tend to rule her attitude towards others, even if she claims she changes them.
History: Dahlia was born to her American father and Mexican mother in a big city of the United States. Her mother named her after the national flower of Mexico to try and make her remember her heritage, although her only vague understanding of Spanish didn't really help. Her family was rather well-off, and Dahlia was somewhat spoiled as a child, although she didn't quite realize it. At school, she quickly made a group of friends like her, smart and seen as somewhat weird. She coasted by in school with her smarts, only hitting a few snags with some of the more advanced classes. At some point, however, her friends, a good chunk of them very nerdy, began raving about the new It game, Pokemon World. Dahlia was never particularly into video games, and ignored the news, although the thought of pokemon lingered in her mind. A few years later, her friends were talking about Monster Art Online. She again wasn't particularly interested, but the immersive technology intrigued her and soon she asked her parents to buy her it for her.

Avatar Alias: Peria
Avatar Age: 16
Avatar Gender: Female
Avatar Appearance: Peria's appearance is similar to Dahlia's with some distinct changes. Peria is paler to show off her freckles and is the same height. Her hair is slightly wavy all the way through and only goes a little bit below her shoulder blades. Her glasses are the same except are more square to show off her eyes which are now slightly more of a hazel color, appearing to have a touch of green in certain lights. She wears a bright red, full, knee length skirt with a dark purple and black striped t-shirt with a pair of white shoes.
MAO Summary: After buying the game, Peria emerged in New Bark Town along with a lot of others. She had neglected to tell her friends of her buying of the game or researched anything about Pokemon, feeling the discovery was part of the experience. Unsure of what to do, she wandered around confusedly until some nice person pointed her to the lab. Based solely on looks, she picked Chikorita, a habit that would follow her as she captured a Sentret on the following route. Not very invested in the game, Dahlia only played occasionally, causing her to get lost as she went back into the world and wandered around the first few routes aimlessly, only making it to Cherrygrove City three weeks after she had the game with her pokemon significantly higher leveled than they were supposed to be at that area. She had lost many battles with trainers considering her nonexistent knowledge of Pokemon compared to many of the diehard fans and experts that were playing. However, she didn't consider it a big deal at the time. Now, she is just staying in Cherrygrove City with no real intention on moving on for a while, as she views the city as very pretty.

Starting Region: Johto
First Badge: N/A

Pokémon Team:

1 - Chikorita, Level 16
Male, Overgrow, Careful
Tackle | Razor Leaf | Growl | Poisonpowder | Synthesis

2 - Sentret, Level 12
Female, Run Away, Hardy
Scratch | Foresight | Defense Curl | Quick Attack
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