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Name: Grant Hawkins

Age: 19

Gender: Male


General: Grant is rather short at 5’ 4”, and on the slim side at 150 pounds. He’s fairly muscular for someone who doesn’t work out, although most of it is from work. Even though he’s 19, Grant’s build makes him look younger at times.

Facial features, Hair, and Headgear:
Grant’s face is ALWAYS dirty and oily, because 90% of the time he is working inside various large machines. He has lively green eyes, which often make him look determined and His light brown hair is always short, probably because he doesn’t want to get it caught inside of the machines while he is working on them. He also does not grow facial hair, though he often wishes he could, so he could have a goatee. Grant keeps a pair of tinted goggles attached to his head no matter what, they have kept his eyes safe from various hazards since his father gave them to him as a gift years earlier.

Clothing and accessories:
Grant’s clothing directly reflects his workplace, it’s always dirty. For his shirt, he wears a white (or at least It used to be) dress shirt, that has many permanent oil stains and smudges. Over the shirt Grant wears a brown vest, which in fact is the cleanest part of his attire, because he will take it off before he works on machines. He wears dirty brown slacks, which also house a small Stainless steel mechanical pocket watch with a full hunter case. Grant carries all of his stuff with him, in a leather satchel; though he really doesn’t own much, except a sketchbook with all of his various scribbles and inventions inside.


Grant is… A tad eccentric, He has lived alone since he was 13 and his only main social outlets have been machines, as well as Sam. This being the case, one can often find Grant arguing with the machines he has to repair, or out enjoying his off time to Sam his Pokémon friend. Though he is an oddball, Grant is a very friendly person; unfortunately his antics often leave him looking a little immature. His idea of friendly greeting is a clever prank that he will often orchestrate with the help of Sam. Grant absolutely despises being called an immature child, and will on occasion treat this or similar accusations as scrapping words.

Grant does a lot of inventing on his free time, most notably is his hang glider, which was a failed sustained flying machine. Though many of his inventions end in failure, this only compels him to further his attempts to make more innovative designs and Grant is currently working on device to help him get around faster, though he hasn’t really started yet. If for some reason he finds inspiration, he will stop what he is doing to write down his ideas. This often can be at the worst of times and it contributes to his erratic behavior.

When left alone without Sam, Grant will always tread down a path that is detrimental to his health; he may feel what he is doing is right, but It will always sap from his overall health over time. No one knows why Grant chooses this method, only his subconscious truly knows.

Life has always been different for Grant; he was an only child, and he lived on the fringes of twinleaf town, away from all of the children. His parents worked long hours in town, so from a young age, Grant used his Imagination to keep him company. His imagination manifested itself into the creation of things, which eventually lead inventing. At the age of 10 Grant built his first prototype of a flying machine, which failed miserably, but served only to fuel his passion more.

At age 12, Grant’s mother moved away, to work at a new job, to better support the family. Grant’s father brought him to mills, so he could learn the trade. Grant was blown away, not by the tedious labor that his father was attempting to teach him, but by the machines in the mill. Though they were crude, the constantly moving sprockets and gears seemed to have put his imagination into overdrive.

After a few weeks of watching the machines while his father worked, a rather large machine broke down. When the foreman stated that they wouldn’t be able to get a technician for two weeks, Grant offered to try and fix it. He was able to not only fix the machine, but to fix it so well, the foreman decided to offer him a job. With the approval of his father, Grant became the Technician for the twinleaf sawmill.

When Grant was 13 his life changed drastically, His father was detained by soldiers for conspiracy to commit treason. Soon after, Grants mother stopped sending letters or payments for the house. Unable to understand what had taken place, Grant resolved to work harder, at both his job and at inventing. By age 14 Grant had maximized his time working and inventing and minimized his “off-time”. Many of the workers noticed that this heavily affected Grant’s ability to socialize with the outside world, the Mill was in fact his life.

About 3 months into his 14th year on the planet, strange things began to happen around his home the few times he was there. Things being misplaced and messes being made, It was almost as if someone was sneaking in while he was at work, to play practical jokes on him. Grant was very displeased, seeing that what little free time he had outside of work would be better justified if he was designing new inventions, and not cleaning up messes. One day, Grant caught the joker red handed, or Red haired to be exact. A small ghost had made his house into her Home; it could be hypothesized that the Creature must have mistaken the house to be abandoned and began to fight back, when he began to move into her territory.

Now that He had caught the small ghost, Grant was conflicted as what to do next. Workers at the mill recommended exorcising the poltergeist and continuing with life as normal. Grant found this to be a rather quick fix, but he saw something. He saw a small creature who wanted a home, If he could prove that this home was his, but also allow the spirit to be a tenant he could perhaps have a friend outside of his constant work. In other words Grant realized his sanity and his savior in the friendship of this Pokémon.

Over the next few months, instead of inventing Grant spent his spare time at his house, befriending the rather mischievous spirit that had taken up residence in his home. Proving that the house was indeed his took less than a day, though the ghost did not give up her pranks. Grant didn’t mind though, feeling that it was somewhat pleasant to have a friend to kid with, he accepted the pranks as a friendly gesture and eventually adopted the idea to great everyone with pranks. This delighted the ghost, who eventually accepted Grant as a friend and became a permanent resident of the Hawkins house.

When Grant turned 16, Things looked bleak for him; since he had worked things out with Sam, his ghostly friend, Grant returned to work. He often overworked himself, and many people wondered if perhaps he worked so hard, to drown out all doubt and questions of what had become of his parents. Sam could sense something was wrong, and began her efforts to set Grant upon a path that didn’t end in self destruction. Though no one knows how It happened by the time Grant had turned 17, He had recovered from his downward spiral, though rumor has it, Sam bound her destiny with his.

In the present time, Grant can be found hanging around town and generally being a nuisance with Sam. Now Grant only works when the Mill absolutely needs repair and spending most of his serious time inventing whatever takes his fancy. Sam looks after him, making sure that he stays out of anything that could be detrimental to his health.

Hometown: Twinleaf

Weapon: Large Monkey wrench (club)

Pokémon: Misdreavious, Sam

Relationship with Grant:
Sam is the resident ghost at the Hawkins house, She bound her destiny with Grant to save him from working himself to death. Since that time, the pair have been completely inseparable.

Ability: levitate

Destiny Bond

Sam’s personality:
Sam is a practical joker, often pranking Grant to keep his spirits up. Though most of her pranks are of good taste, they will grow more violent towards people she: doesn’t like, Is jealous of, or Is being bad for Grant. Although she is a Pokémon, Sam Is like a Big sister to Grant.

When Grant was working himself to death, Sam bound her soul with his. She accompanies him everywhere, even if normal people cannot see it. Taking her time to enjoy a few clever pranks now and again, Sam will often get Grant in trouble with the townspeople.

Often Sam’s watch over Grant will become rather overbearing, preventing Grant from doing things that are even the slight bit dangerous.

When out enjoying a day with Grant, Sam will often be the life of the party, encouraging a relaxed lifestyle over that of a life of hard labor.

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