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Main Information:
Name: Roxana Herrera
Alias: She-Devil
Age: 21 (Mar 27th, 1991)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 139 lbs
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Atlantean Tattoo: Running along Roxana’s spine, her Atlantean tattoo consists of an intricate loops and shapes.

Clothing: Roxana makes sure to wear her clothes better than anyone else could and nobody can deny that she does just that. Although she is able to pull almost anything off, Roxana is often seen wearing more colorful and edgy clothing. Her outfits always include her trademark dark denim jacket, and will vary from a floral blouse and skinny jeans to a short, colorful thigh high dress. Accessory wise, Roxana is definitely not one to go wrong, especially with the amount of bracelets and necklaces she wears. Of course, flats or heels are probably the best options for her, not that she can’t pull everything off.

Physical: Roxana appears to be the average pretty girl that everyone knows and to say the least, she is. Her dark brown hair goes just about halfway down her chest before ending at a curl. Her hazel brown eyes are absolutely her best quality and her smooth skin is easily a close second. When Roxana walks by, heads are sure to turn. Stunning lips and alluring eyes, Roxana is someone who’s sure to keep the attention of those around her. Of course, Roxana doesn’t only want to be defined by her looks.

Personality: In general, Roxana is a very nice and gentle person but to say that Roxana isn’t a little difficult to handle is a lie. A very passionate person during sex and often very opinionated, she never hesitates to insert her own thoughts into a conversation and will tend to resort to aggression when her beliefs need defending. Having complete confidence in herself leaves her in a very charismatic position, often giving her the ability to sway people’s thoughts over a subject. She believes that you have to look and act the part in order to achieve, and if you don’t? Well, you better go home. To her, there isn’t enough room in town for you. Being on her bad side wouldn’t be a good thing for anybody. After all, she can kick your ass and talk you down.

Of course, that doesn’t mean she isn’t a girl who likes to have fun. When not causing a scene over her political and social views, you will find her living an almost carefree kind of life. With little need for rules and limits, she won’t be afraid to stand out from what others believe are the social norm. Of course, if you were to mess with her while in a good mood, don’t expect different treatment.

History: Roxana was born on a fine summer’s eve in Barcelona, Spain. Born to a father working as a business mogul and a mother who worked as a nurse at one of the city’s many hospitals, she didn’t necessarily grow up underprivileged. Growing up was rather easy being an only child, leaving her parents to focus on nothing but her and what she wanted to do. She was raised to be the perfect child and student. She was spoiled as a kid and to say the least, she is not afraid to admit that she used to be.

Things changed however as she grew older and older. Sure, being spoiled as a kid was a good thing, but as a teen? No. Time and time again, Roxana would be completely overindulged and she began to find it extremely annoying. She was a teenage girl, she didn’t need her parents to baby her. She began to act out in an attempt to sway her parents’ approach and when it didn’t work, she went full out. A small change in wardrobe, her new found use of alcohol and cigarettes, and eventually, her excessive partying finally began to changed what her parent’s thought they should do. Spoil her more.

She continued her small rebellion until just a while after her eighteenth birthday, where she simply got up and left, a small “I can take care of myself” being her last words to her parents at the time. She quickly managed to get herself a job and apartment during her gap year (albeit with the help of her new roommate). She was happy with her life at that point. She was finally her own person. Again though, things changed and this time, she couldn’t do anything about it. I mean, can you stop a tattoo from just…Forming? She was an Atlantean.

Ability: With the power of Kinetic Absorption, Roxana is able to absorb the force behind things such as a punch or energy blast, and then use it as energy to increase her own physical abilities, such as strength, stamina, speed, and durability.

On the the downside, she must be hit in order to absorb an attacks energy. She will still take damage, only absorbing about 50% (and growing) of the blow. She can still become exhausted from over use of the ability and it still has the chance of wearing off eventually. She would not be able to hold the same energy from hours before for example, although, over time she will learn to store more energy within herself.

Writing Sample:
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