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    Hmm, hmm! I find this script to be very well done and extremely helpful. I never really wanted to create an account and post on these forums, but there was something I wanted to say and that was to show my appreciation to this type of work... and also to chime in with my own bit for the Acro Bike part of this script.

    Yes, the script for the most part is complete, but what bothered me about it was that it didn't support Essential V13's awesome ability to let the creator give X/Y-esque outfits to the player. I have hundreds of combinations of outfits, but the character would revert to the default outfit whenever I press and hold Z to try to make a wheelie! Why? Because there's nothing to define the change in the first place and will always take the images defined in the settings at the top of the script. Wouldn't it be weird if we had to change clothes just to pop a wheelie? Sure is!

    So I thought, for anyone with little to no experience with RGSS1 still lurking around these parts and are using the X/Y outfit mechanic who would like to use this script too, would find that it's a super simple change! Nothing much too it and no credit needed whatsoever. I just thought it was something ... missing.

    Anywho, for anyone wanting to use this script along with $Trainer.outfit, all you have to do is hunt out ###Graphical things and change...

     ### Graphical things
        graphic = Settings::AcroBikeFileName[$PokemonGlobal.playerID]
        if FileTest.image_exist?("Graphics/Characters/" + graphic) && &&
          $game_player.character_name = graphic
        elsif Input.release?(Input::A)

    graphic = Settings::AcroBikeFileName[$PokemonGlobal.playerID]
        trainer=$Trainer if !trainer
        outfit=trainer ? trainer.outfit : 0
        if FileTest.image_exist?("Graphics/Characters/"+graphic+"_"+outfit.to_s) && &&
          $game_player.character_name = graphic+"_"+outfit.to_s
        elsif Input.release?(Input::A) #Z on keyboard by default
    Simple enough, right? I already renamed my files to more uniform names than boyAcro, but by default you should have files simply by the name of boyAcro_ followed by the outfit number. "boyAcro_0", "boyAcro_1", "boyAcro_2", and so on... Make sure the default outfit's file ends with "_0"!

    This will only apply to the Acro Bike and nothing else as the Mach Bike is simply a modified version of the usual Bicycle and will take on the usual meta for that. Aaaand there you have it. Thanks, Hanisec! Feel free to mend this change into your OP if you want.
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