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Anima's Tattoo


Name: José "Anima" Dartmoor
Age (16+): 25
Gender: Male
Status: Outlaw

Personality: José is often brooding, deep in thought. José believes himself as righteous and justified. Some people with small vocabularies might call him 'Mad', others with big vocabulary call him 'Insane.' He turns ecstatic when he sees the chance to kill. His mind is numbed to the effects of the trauma that accompany murder. He enjoys the sound of screaming, and the smell of blood. José was indoctrinated at a young age, his mindset has been psychotic ever since. He genuinely believes that after death, there sits an existance far greater. That existance is what he calls the Astral Plane, sending people there is an honour bestowed upon him by Gaudium. Gaudium is the keeper of the Astral Planes. He believes killing people will save them by sending them to the astral plane and believes this is his benign service. His voice is dull and his emotions are rarely changing, his motions are monotonous, except when he is killing. He refuses to kill himself or be killed as he believes he has not yet successfully helped everyone ascertain enterance to the astral planes. José refers to himself as Anima, that what he is referred to when he had his first contact with Gaudium, due to the lack of facilities. His behaviour has never been culled. Some people believe that what he sees are just halluncinations. In the rare occasion that he permits his victims to a few more moments alive. Those moments are spent in agony, as he has taken to enjoying torturing those unworthy just yet to die. And those who ridicule him, they are the first to experience the unworthiness of their lives.
Appearance (Image, written or both):

Anima doesn't like the heat. Scars and burn patches under his grey-black attire. Eye patch because a victim tried to resist his torture
He has a tattoo across his abdomen and chest, but is covered by his clothes. (See top of post)
Element: Electricity
Weaponry: "18 Coach Double Barreled Shotgun, Bowie Knife.
3 Stock Spells:
Elemental Burst – Electricity
Hex of Pain

Custom Spells :

Life Siphoning: (The Final Touch) - Anima can siphon his victim's life energy, he calls the life energy "Aura". He can touch anywhere on his victim's body but he has to maintain contact for a long time to kill, brief contact only weakens the victim and the healthier the victim the longer he’d need to hold them to kill them. This is useful in covertly killing someone or torture. People can't detect him doing this until they get weak.
Halluncination Projection (The Truthful Eye) - When Anima is close enough to see their victim's pupils, 10 metres as a maximum. He can make them see hallucinations of horrific images like slaughters of populations, the burning of villiages, and several other excruciating imagery. This requires extreme concentration and is more effective if the victim hasn't been affected by it before. This can be used with the Life Siphon for torturing or mentally scarring the enemy. This can also be used in persuasion, he calls it "indoctrination"

Sorry about the lack of detail in other areas, I lost the original due to the token expiring.

Roleplay Sample:

Πρωταθλητής Θάλασσα
Pro̱tathli̱tí̱s Thálassa

The water. He felt a ripple in the water, rumbling over his skin. He remembered,
"The dying breath of the salty sea,
To avoid disgrace throughout eternity,
So Neries in thousands shan’t never be.
To save the essence of thine deity,
I ask, brave warrior, believe in me,
And in doing so I shall set thee free,
And with grave futures that you shall see,
You gain the burdens of Gods,
So a God thou shalt be".
He closed his eyes, the fading images of the young that are the oldest of all. He opened his eyes, the reflection of the surface above made an azure honeycomb. Entwined along the lake floor. He slid his figures through the water, feeling his throat. His fingers glided across his
Prominentia laryngea, The Adam's Apple to those who speak not of ancient script.Gingerly, he followed his chin around, and there on his neck he felt them. On his neck he felt four parallel slits along his neck, as he breathed they expanded and then contracted. He pulled himself in to an upwards position. The water encasing him invigorated him, yet felt so homely. The song of a thousand souls sung a sweet tune as the water rippled. He felt as if he was snuggled up inside the womb. Relaxed and new. He looked down, his heavily built body from his extensive exercise was enough to impress himself. While seemingly easy in theory, Alex was hard to please, in his mind the only thing to be impressed by was a product of a divine being, and this certainly was. His eyes followed his abdomen down, but where his hips should have been, below he saw a long majestic blue tail, with scales the colour of Sapphires. The tail had two fins that thinned out like one might expect on a dolphin. The thin flins were almost transparent. He brought his tail up to his eyes, admiring the tail. Such an elegant form, the bone stretched out like a leaf.

Suddenly, a huge cascade of vibrations echoed through the water. Alex sighed. He whipped his merman tail down, and lunged upwards. As he broke the water he did not gasp for he could breath below the surface. He lifted himself upwards, his dolphin tail pulsated a blue aura, shining with the vigor of a newborn Star. His tail split apart, it reformed in to human legs. The human legs were hairy and well defined. He placed his legs on the edge of the pool and stood up. He had successfully mastered the Mermaid form. The name slightly irritated him. Why was popular culture so cruel to those who were bestowed with the opportunity to combine their body with that of a fish? They assumed all such as these were female. A correct term was merman but seem much like a bastardisation of the mermaid concept. Although in ancient culture, they did have mermen, born of Poseidon and Amphitrite was Merman named Triton. Though they were expected to have a beard and a trident, which neither really suited him, nor the shaggy seaweed hair. Other cultures were not so nice to people such as he.

He brushed away the thought, droplets of water ran down his body. The smartphone left on the rock nearby vibrated, in the cove, the conical nature of the cave amplified the sound. He held up his hand, which was soaked with water yet surprisingly not wrinkled, his eyes illuminated, the white iris glowed turquoise, the water that slid down his skin receded immediately, being absorbed into his skin, simultaneously his ear drums also absorbed the water. It picked up his phone and slid it across, and the image of the white cliffs of dover dissipated, revealing the text behind. "PRIORITY: You have been called to Hyperia Champion HQ."
Yeah, right, first they have enough heroes, now they want me back? Forget it. He thought as he put down the phone. He prepared to go back in to meditation when something caught his eye, his scroll, the one uncovered near Mount Olympus. The scroll was bound together ever since it was found, no one has successfully opened it. He walked up to it and picked it up, he felt his spirit, begin to ebb with power. He pulled the two sticks that the scroll was wrapped around, as expected they resisted. He sighed and put it down again, and then Alex was about to enter back into the water when the scroll began to roll. It tumbled down the side slipping sideways, the mud had marked the paper before it made a plop. It entered the water. Alex's heart skipped a beat, How could I be so careless with something so sacred... He dived in, his leg meshed together into the tail, he swam like mad, the paper was sodden. He clutched the scroll, bringing it to the surface, when it came to the surface something miraculous happened...

It wasn't wet. The scroll had went a metre deep and came out with no evidence. The leather straps loosened, and fell away. He couldn't believe it. He could finally open it... He carefully pulled it open, the scroll displayed a strange language unlike latin or greek, but he could read the first few sentences. They glowed with an intoxicating aurora. The golden glow that entranced him aligned the strange script into greek, he read it out loud as the words formulated.

"The dying breath of the salty sea,
To avoid disgrace throughout eternity,"
His heart pounded. Could it be? He didn't wait for anymore to reveal, he closed it and ran outside.

It was a hot april day, the wind blew gently through the leaves. The sun pierced the canopy above. Alex hurried to his boot and lifted it open, taking out a backpack, a set of folded up clothes, including some trousers that looked like denim but was actually a variant to make it more compatible with water, and his powers, and his jumper. He shook them out and slid his trousers on, he jogged in and grabbed his smartphone and put it in a waterproof case. He put his head through the entangling mess of an orange hooded jumper with a big black "Ω" on it, the greek letter Omega. He pulled the hoodie down and slung his backpack around one arm, rustling in to the bag and bringing out a key in which he pressed the button and opened the car locking system. He opened the door throwing his bag at the other side of the car, it hit the passenger door and then bounced down on to the floor. He sat in the driver seat and started the car. The car was a relatively new dull brown Ford Crown Victoria. Which he drove through the slightly bumpy forest, dodging the trees casually, week old tire tracks were imprinted into the dirt in front of him. He skidded on to the relatively unused road, it was riddled with potholes. The lane was quite worn, mainly because it was blocked on one end by a boulder, nudging the mayor to build a better road in to Hyperia. He drove in to the metropolis, gazing at the tower on the horizon.

He parked his car outside, ignoring the 'Do Not Park' sign. He gets out taking his backpack of essentials. Entering the building through the glass doors, and sat down on a chair without asking the secretary, he saw all the others doing it, it was obvious what he needed to do. He awaiting to see, this assembly of the most gifted and most powerful beings in Hyperia...

Now, he roams from town to town, assisting the transfer to the Astral Plane.

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