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    Here are some visual examples of the effect of 'The Eternal'.

    -The first screenshot shows Salamence with 'The Eternal' birthsign.
    -The second screenshot shows the Reincarnate skill in Salamence's menu options.
    -The third screenshot shows Salamence's Memo Page BEFORE using Reincarnate.
    -The fourth screenshot shows Salamence's Memo Page AFTER using Reincarnate. Notice the new text to describe its met conditions, and its new date of birth. Salamence's birthsign is reset to his new birthday (May - 'The Cleric') and his level is reset back to 1.
    -The fifth screenshot shows Salamence with the "Second Step Ribbon", which is added automatically whenever a Pokemon is reincarnated.

    Use 'The Eternal' to reset your Pokemon for new birthsign effects! Wait for a month with a birthsign you really want, and reincarnate your Pokemon for the new effect.

    Be careful! Using Reincarnate will reset the Level, Happiness, EV's, birthsign and probably more I'm not thinking of. The Pokemon is treated as if it was born from an egg - but random attributes (gender, IV's, Nature, shinyness, etc) will NOT be reset. Make absolutely sure you want to reset your Pokemon before using this skill!
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