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It compiles into Thumb now. However, it doesn't lower any stats. I've noticed that the .LowerBothBS is not in the script (but it is in the .Align 2) while the .LowerSpDefBS and .LowerDefBS are (Under BothBS, there is only ldr r4, .EndBS while the other two look differently. Perhaps that's the issue?

Why not use Dragon Dance for Shell Smash? Although it raises attack, doesnt the game calculate that the Pokemon has raised Sp. Attack + Speed aswell after one Shell Smash and then proceed to attack if opponent is in OHKO range?
The worry for this is having a Gorebyss with only special moves, ultimately It'd probably use the move in the first place for the Speed Boost, but theres always the chance. I'll give it a mull over.

Oh, right, my mistake again, I'm just really dumb. Fixed in the original post. Turns out the stat animations were wrong too as they displayed stats being raised
Spherical, I'd probably just handle the stat lowering through the battle script itself, easier to bug check.