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Dear Anonymous,

We used to talk sometimes. We even went to school together once, when you called out my name and I was prettified. That morning was pretty cool. But we started drifting away. No, we didn't even drift away. We were never really close to be honest. We had some banter, we hung out at times with our groups of friends, but we never really hit a personal friendship level, ever. We were just... acquaintances in the end. These few months you haven't talked to me. At all. I dunno what it is. I know I'm not as cool as the people you normally talk to. But that doesn't stop me.

I like you. But I'll never have the balls, 'cause deep inside I'm a shy **** who can't ever talk properly with girls unless his joking around and only express his true feelings in text form. Plus, I know you'll reject me anyway, so what's the point, right? I'll probably drift away from you when I grow up, when I go university. In fact, I'll probably forget about you until one day in my 30s I'll open my high school year book and see you and say "ah, I remember her". We'll never have anything going with each other. And I don't mind for some strange reason, even though I like you. You are my first real crush. You're pretty, your voice is pretty, you have great style in clothes, you like watching football. Your just perfect. But I know I can't have you.

And I don't mind.
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