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    Dear Artist who is reading this,

    My name is screen a.k.a. Jeffvirus on Discord. I'm currently hosting a Pokmon Draft League tournament and we are currently in our season 2 and starting up for season 3. I'm searching for an artist who could make me a Team Logo for my Draft League Team, named the Synthetic Silvally.

    If someone has any time could they please contact me.

    I can't ask for a paid request, but if anyone has some free time to design a logo for me, I will spread the name as far as it can go.

    Kind Regards,

    Well nice to meet you 2.
    You can me PM me anytime you want, but I won't always reply

    Friendcode new 3DS: 2938-6367-3751 (Jeffrey)

    Currently playing: UltraSun
    Devpro: Jeffvirus contact me if you like to duel or something
    I'm currently working on building a fun little draft league competition called Pokémon Battle Cup or PBC for short, if interested you can PM me.

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