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Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Have you ever met someone diagnosed with Autism?
Yes, many, including myself.

Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
What do you think of those who abuse the term whenever they disagree with someone's opinion and those who use it as an excuse for misbehaving?
Very immature and insulting. Do I need to say more? I also feel similar feelings toward the use of the word 'retarded'.

Originally Posted by Pinkie-Dawn View Post
Are you a victim of Autism yourself? If so, then how are you able to live your life with it?
'Victim'? I'm no more a victim of being on spectrum than you are of being neurotypical.

And how do I live my life with it? The same as you live your life, you just do. I don't know any other way of life, it's just how things are. Does a person born blind ever miss the color red?

I have Asperger's (Not severe). I was diagnosed around 8th grade (papers and everything wasn't official until nearly my junior year, my parents were in denial) and I kept it a secret for the longest time. I was ashamed that I would be (further) made fun of. I went through a lot of social classes, and learned how to better relate with others. Now, unless you spend a lot of time with me, like, days and days on end, you wouldn't even notice I'm different.

I have a full time job, and not flipping burgers, I work in contract security as an officer. I drive, I live on my own, I pay my bills. I'm an adult just like any other. I just am not great with certain things, and I think differently than a lot of people, that's all.

Though the social classes I learned why others would see me as different. It was the first thing I learned. And it helped quite a bit. Now I know how to act my way through most situations.

I think like a calculator, especially when it comes to social things like meeting a new person or small talk. If they say thing x then I should respond with y, pending events b and a. I actually have to stop and think that. It took me a long time to learn to respond simply. When I was little people would ask "How are you?"... I'd give them a list.

Lot of social coaching.

What it comes down to is, I am a great actor. Like I said, no one usually notices.
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