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Originally Posted by NarutoActor View Post
And that is how it should be! Why would you want unskilled hackers working on the hack? That makes no sence, that is like a company hiring unskilled workers just because they live in the area.

I am just giving the outline for the highest yield in quality and success. If this is to be a success though decisions half to be made. Contrary to popular belief, everyone opinion. . . does not matter.
Because I don't just wanna sit there and watch it all happen. I'm a man of involving nature.

Originally Posted by DrFuji View Post
If we leave out new hackers then it would boil down to handful of all-stars working under the guise of a 'community'. That's not how it works.

I agree that there should be some sort of quality control and a system of hierarchy if something like this ever eventuates, and the idea of veterans helping out new members sounds incredibly enticing. It sort of reminds me of workshop threads in the past where people came together for the good of helping others through mentoring and problem solving. Regardless, in my opinion it should live up to both the name and standards of a community project.
I agree, someone must dedicate their time to this project and not let it be just some side thing. Another fairly important detail that I'd like to add is story line. I suggest having a solid story line and a pseudo event line planned out. That way when people add to it, they won't just blindly be adding random events/event sequences that make no sense and everyone won't be making a "main" rival named after themselves.

Graphics such as tiles should be left out for the beginning since everyone's opinions differ. We should change that up later if people feel it's really taking away.

That being said, a nomination must be made for the "leader" of this project through a community vote out of a group of individuals who have volunteered for the job (or we can let Pokemon masters do it for coming up with the idea, though it's not original). Maybe at the end everyone who participated can have a nice shiny emblem and a mention in the credits for some incentive :D?