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    When I open the patched rom on G3T there aren´t the gen 4, 5 or 6 pokemon, there are buged pokemon like "Á" (there are random letters,numbers and simbols) (gen 1-3 are okay) and if I open the rom in PGE (2016 version, the version that have the .ini gived by Gamer2020) I can only use the options that are not related with the pokemon, like MT/MO, attack editor or ability editor. if I try to open the "pokemon editor" there says something like "exception not controlled by the application" (I have spanish windows 7, I used google translate for that), and the app is frozen, the only thing I can do is close PGE.
    I think the problem is with the new pokemon(s), if someone has the offsets of the new pokemon, can you give it to me? to erase any data in thoose offsets and try to open PGE...
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