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Seen January 9th, 2019
Posted March 4th, 2018
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It would be nice to see it anyway. Or could you give us a patch?

Anyway, this hack seems to be moving smoothly. I have it loading from the evolution table. The downside is that you need to define the evolution twice so that the reversion works. The Pokemon revert to their normal forms when you exit a battle or they faint so long as you have this extra entry - otherwise it's permanent.

Next up is making Primal Reversion and AI Mega Evolution!
Meh, unless people are Mega Evolving Eevee, the extra entries aren't going to be an issue. This is amazing by the way. Is AI Mega Evolution going to be super complicated to code? Because it seems like it's going to be. Awesome work, and thank you for always sharing all of your stuff with the community.