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I am here to make an appeal to Wolf and Nica.

The alt situation, frankly, is out of hand. Not only is it annoying to myself as well as some other members who agree with me, it causes unneeded confusion. I cannot grasp why users need to have so many different aliases on the server. Is it because they're bored or what? I mean if you're that bored that changing your name and getting a new color is "fun", why not just make a competitive team instead and channel that boredom into something a bit more productive for the benefit of the server?

I mean to realize how bad it is, just look at your user list. It took 45 minutes that one night to de-voice all the users who were voiced. If that's not enough of a reason just take a look at this thread:

Why in the world should a thread used to document alts have 5 pages and only have 48 users on it? It's ridiculous and I believe a rule should be made against multiple alts. It honestly requires me to ask people constantly who they are just because they felt like using a different name for that day. It might not be so bad for auth'd users who can alt check, but for regular members it's just a ****fest of names that change on a daily basis for next to no reason.

I'm not asking for alts to be ruled out completely. I just think a limit should be placed on how many there can be and people have to be a bit more careful when deciding to change their names. If I'm not mistaken, there was a rule created to only allow 3 auth'd alts per moderator. That didn't stop some of them from using more than 3 anyway and just de-auth'ing old ones.

I'm sorry I seem so pissed off, but it's because I am. I honestly can't stand the **** show that is the alt game on the server.

Not to mention the complaining about ugly colors. Stop caring. Seriously.

Input is welcome.
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