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Here are some of my thoughts:
  • I think Autosave can be good in case someone forgot to save frequently, but still, I'm glad that it's optional, because it might be a hindrance for those who want to catch Legendary 'mons without failing.
  • I'm cool about having Exp. Share as the feature, because leveling up other Pokémon in the party would be a breeze. Plus, Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee have that built-in before, as well.
  • I don't mind HMs are not available as long as some certain moves associated with it, like Surf and Fly, are still accessible as TMs (which they did in previous games), and that they can provide alternative to do HM thing like PokéRide in Alola region.
  • Changing personality parameter, eh? First the Bottle Cap thingy (which raises IVs), and now this? Now I'm intrigued.
  • I like it when Max Raid Battles having a choice of difficulty. It might be nice to pick easiest difficulty when you're not confident on how the raid works at first.
  • Sooo Galar region might have the most Gyms available? I'm wondering if they'll shuffle any of these after winning the first Pokémon League.
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