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Oh hello, I didn't see this.

Username: ~Kawaii~
Favorite Sonic Character(s): Amy. Cream. Rouge. Tikal. Most of the female characters.

What's your favorite Sonic song?

My Sweet Passion, that's Amy's theme in Sonic Adventure. Great song for a great character, I really love listening to it and the lyrics are awesome.

What is your favorite Sonic video game?
Sonic CD or Sonic Adventure probably. I liked CD because it was awesome (and it introduced Amy) -- Unlike most people, I really like Sonic R as well and the music for it was awesome xD

Are you looking forward to any upcoming Sonic video games?
Sonic Generations yes please.

How has the Sonic series influenced your life?
Well I wasted a lot of it playing Sonic xD

Also. I didn't forget to use the word Emerald..
Simply the
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