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    Originally Posted by Shiny-Jolteon View Post
    Ok so i started playing this game about 4 days ago, i just need to do the last gym and then the elite 4, but i think i found 2 bugs.
    First, when i first went to berry forest, i didn't get to fight celebi, the egg was there straight away when i was rescuing lostelle, i cut my losses and just took it because i read you get a second chance to fight him, so i went on to hatch the pichu, but it doesn't have volt tackle..., and it did have pokerus. i don't know wether that's the reason, but i really wanted volt tackle, i didnt follow the walkthrough, as i want to leave the legendaries till last, i dont know if this would of affected it but...
    I personally implemented the ASM needed to make Pichu learn Volt Tackle and I know it works as I tested it myself about 5 times in a row. However, I never tested it with Pokerus. There is a very good chance that that is what caused the problem, but I wouldn't see why....

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