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Originally Posted by w1f1pa55w0rd View Post
I'm surprised ORAS wasn't this roasted, though. I honestly don't remember people hating on ORAS this much. I remeber people getting pissed because of XY's ****ty post game, but not ORAS. However, looking at this forum itself, it's so bare compared to the SM section.
This is the SM section. :P

And well... ORAS wasn't roasted on a whole lot because it was an okay remake all things considered (to the best of my knowledge), it just could've been better. The omission of Battle Frontier definitely hurt it, but it made up for it with the inclusion of literally every legendary ever as well as the new Soaring feature and keeping/introducing new Megas which is nice.

I suppose if seventh gen had less cutscenes and the "tutorial' aspect of the game was cut a bit it would've gotten a lot better reception considering those are people's biggest gripes.
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