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    (sorry for my english, i'm french)

    I've just finished the full beta on Androïd Emu Gameboïd, I got no bugs at all.

    For the little story I never played GBC cristal . So a full remake with GBA
    graphics was tempting!
    To be honest i didn't read the full description of this hacked rom.

    I got stuck in the team static headquarter (you know with all thoses teleporters).
    So I decided to have a look at a soluce on the net... then I said to myself :
    "wait... why aren't they talking about team static anywhere?"
    Then I realised that the whole story regarding team static was totaly fan-made!

    It's so amasing how it fits perfectly in the game!

    Congratulation ! I look at this thread, like a lot of us, everyday!
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