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    It's funny, because what actually got me started on learning more about PCs is Pokémon. I really wanted to play Pokémon Emerald one day, but all I had was a DSi so I couldn't play it on my DS. So naturally, I turned to google and managed to find an Emulator. I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

    From there, I just grew more and more interested on how things worked, or trying to find ways to make things more convenient. I started discovering cool software that I would use a lot back then (like userbar generators), and my passion kept growing.

    Last January, I sold an old Xbox I had and combined it with my Christmas money. I had about $550 and decided I wanted to build a Gaming PC. I started looking around on Newegg, chose my parts (after scrutinizing the entire build to make sure the parts were all compatible), and eventually I had built myself a PC (with some help from my dad). I feel, I don't know, I guess happiest when I'm working with my computer. Something about it is just fun to me and it felt awesome when I finished my build.

    I'd love to go to college for something with computers. I was thinking programming but my past experiences with coding weren't all that great (basically I sucked at it :P), so I'm not entirely sure at this point. ¯\_( ^ . ^)_/¯

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