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Hmm, I'm pretty sure the choice of words here is intentional, even though it was unexpected when I heard they changed the description. I'm wondering if they spoiled it a bit? This also makes me thinking, I'm wondering is it just me, but didn't they use the word "shocking" when they wanted to reveal new Pokémon games years back? (Or some Pokémon-related news in particular)

In any way, I think the supposedly Pokémon on Switch that the folks on Game Freak are talking about would be revealed that day, so I'll just wait and see when the news hits that day, and hope it will be a good one.
I'm actually starting to think that the word "shocking" was an unfortunate choice of words which spoiled what the announcement was going to be, especially considering they pulled it, only to replace it with something else. I probably know why.

My theory goes around the connotations of the word "shocking" - and then it hit me - electricity. And which Pokemon is often associated with electricity?'s obviously Pikachu. The Switch rumours also hint that the games are going to be called Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, and considering this, I'm detecting a 90% chance that the announcement will be to these games. They also may have tried to tie the connection to Pikachu because he's more well known...hell, he's the mascot of the whole franchise! The whole giveaway thing is the reason why they pulled it and then replaced it with something more generic.
I recall that back in Gen V/VI they used the word "shocking" for news of either a Mewtwo or Pikachu event they had hyped up in Japan xD
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