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    Originally Posted by psyanic View Post
    Name: Psyanic
    Best Way to Contact: PM/VM
    Review Style: Grammar Nazi, stickler for plot/characters, anything else. I just do a bit of everything. Anything else just comes to mind.
    1.The Sister's Path - Kamiya Chan
    2.Red - Kirbyxox
    3.Blazon and Team Alpha - Luigimario84
    4.The Fall to Redemption - Cypher DS
    5.Pokemon in Real Life - TheFattestSnorlax
    6.Life and Times of Kira - Soul Saint
    7.Forever Changed - TrueBolt
    8.Desolate - Zapdos926
    9.Bob's Life in School - Volcanix769
    10.The new Hedgehog Trio-Mephile's Return - Juniebug910
    Finished my review challenge! I'm so proud of... myself. It did its job though; FF&W has gotten a lot more active these past 10 days or so. Cheers!
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