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Wow this is great Touched! Thank you for sharing this! Also I have questions ^ what PurpleOrange said :D
holy crap! that's awesome! amazing work touched!!

a couple of quick questions:
1. Does the pokemon revert after battle? (the video didn't show if it did or not)
2. How possible is it for the mega symbol to appear by their name?
3. Have you been able to make mega-evolution only possible once per battle?
of course, i understand that this code's in early stages, i'm just very curious

this is really a great achievement, so kudos to you :)

let's just hope hackers use this in a good way
1) Not yet. I haven't added the necessary hooks yet. I have to make it expire when you faint too.
2) Bela made this, which I hope to emulate (haha)

The part on the left will appear if you can Mega Evolve.

3) Yeah, not yet; but it will be done.

I would also like to get this working for the AI sometime so that we can have fully working mega battles.


Great work on this. Can we use this for stance change?
Thanks. Yes, I suppose you could - I hadn't really thought of that. Maybe I'll add (optional, through preprocessor macros) stance change when the mega and primal part is complete.

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