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Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
At the start of summer I decided to take up shotokan karate (A tradition in my family when you hit the age 14/15 mark), It boosted my confidence, and eventually when some idiot (I'm using the phrase "Idiot" lightly...) decided he'd try fight me, He wound up with a broken wrist and 2 bruised ribs (I don't encourage violence BTW).
This is easily the most satisfying thing I have read all day. I'm so sorry all that happened to you, but what you made of it put the hugest smile on my face :)

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Is this a private party or can anyone join? I don't know if I'd be very active, but I'd like to be.
Of course it's not a private party! Welcome, thanks for being here :) and thanks for sharing your story!

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I don't often wear skirts or dresses or anything that's not 'gender neutral' because I don't feel I *need* to prove my identity to people, but also because I'm still scared of loosing my job, some of my friends, and generally having bad reactions. I know, stupid, but hey, that's where I am. Still, I'm pushing the limits of how a 'guy' is supposed to look and act anyway and even little things like that make me happy.
That's not stupid, that's unfortunately where a lot of us are. That's why groups like these are created :)
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