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Originally Posted by NurseBarbra View Post
At the start of summer I decided to take up shotokan karate (A tradition in my family when you hit the age 14/15 mark), It boosted my confidence, and eventually when some idiot (I'm using the phrase "Idiot" lightly...) decided he'd try fight me, He wound up with a broken wrist and 2 bruised ribs (I don't encourage violence BTW).
This is easily the most satisfying thing I have read all day. I'm so sorry all that happened to you, but what you made of it put the hugest smile on my face

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
Is this a private party or can anyone join? I don't know if I'd be very active, but I'd like to be.
Of course it's not a private party! Welcome, thanks for being here and thanks for sharing your story!

Originally Posted by Scarf View Post
I don't often wear skirts or dresses or anything that's not 'gender neutral' because I don't feel I *need* to prove my identity to people, but also because I'm still scared of loosing my job, some of my friends, and generally having bad reactions. I know, stupid, but hey, that's where I am. Still, I'm pushing the limits of how a 'guy' is supposed to look and act anyway and even little things like that make me happy.
That's not stupid, that's unfortunately where a lot of us are. That's why groups like these are created

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