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What is the worst thing(s) about Pokemon fangames?

No demo availability.

269 27.51%

Slow or too few regular updates

271 27.71%

Misspellings in game.

412 42.13%

Demo is way too buggy.

248 25.36%

Demo isn't very good or impressive.

226 23.11%

All the fangames look the same!

224 22.90%

They never get finished.

561 57.36%

They become discontinued.

400 40.90%

Promises are made but not kept.

351 35.89%

The spam in the project's topic

165 16.87%

No videos

118 12.07%

No screenshots

269 27.51%

Too few videos

68 6.95%

Too many screenshots!

48 4.91%

Using maps rather than screenshots.

156 15.95%

Boring/overused storylines

395 40.39%

Poorly planned projects

373 38.14%

Reused graphics

195 19.94%

No new features

291 29.75%

No original content

358 36.61%

Many updates but not much of progress

234 23.93%

Fake Pokemon

324 33.13%
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Old July 30th, 2012 (2:24 PM).
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    I have chosen the following four points:

    Slow or too few updates:
    This can be annoying, especially at the start of the game when they have only completed up to the first gym or so and you cannot go any further into the game and have to wait a good few months before continuing. And generally by that time you can lose interest in the game which can result in the next point.

    They never get finished:
    This can be extremely disappointing for some people. For me a good example is Pokémon Ash Grey. It may be being worked on but as far as I know it has been stopped. I was very much looking forward to playing the full game but doesn't seem like it will happen unfortunately.

    Misspellings in games:
    This is one of the most frustrating things that happen. If it is something small such as a space wasn't added between two words that is understandable, everyone makes mistakes. But when people just write in fully lower case and do not use punctuation at all (that may be an over exaggeration) to me it shows laziness and no dedication towards the work they have done.

    Fake Pokémon:
    I only like 'Fakémon' for legendary Pokémon as long as they have a good story towards them. Or for Starters (sometimes). But when you enter the first route and there are at least 4 different Pokémon that pop up that are all Fakémon it can annoy me. Which is why I dislike playing games that have a lot of Fakémon in them.

    It can be very disappointing when there is a game that has a lot of potential with an amazing story line and mapping and graphics etc. but is ruined by one of the points I previously mentioned.


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    Old August 12th, 2012 (1:15 PM).
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      I really dislike it when fangames that have a ton of potential, look fantastic, play fantastic, and look like they will be a hit, are canceled.

      It's like, what was the point of using all that time spent making the game look and play good, but cancel it before even a beta release?

      Old August 12th, 2012 (3:45 PM).
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        Originally Posted by nuzamaki90 View Post
        I really dislike it when fangames that have a ton of potential, look fantastic, play fantastic, and look like they will be a hit, are canceled.

        It's like, what was the point of using all that time spent making the game look and play good, but cancel it before even a beta release?

        I feel you, but real life should always come first, and people are just often too busy, or their teams falls apart for some reason, and to say the least, the developer's talented team was probably one of the reasons the game looked so nice in the first place.


        Old August 22nd, 2012 (5:21 AM).
        BigMastaWalrus BigMastaWalrus is offline
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          I personally don't enjoy when a developer breaks the fourth wall of the game and ruins the image of a different world. I like playing Pokemon games because they're different, and when someone references that it's a hack, or you battle the developer, it generally ruins it for me.

          Old August 26th, 2012 (8:20 AM).
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            The development communities generally appreciate (and some give several prizes) big projects that have too many things customized and too many things to do, specially the visual part that have a instant effect on attracting people. These projects generally took ages and need a big team to do, and when some members give up for some reason (even stupid ones) the team fall apart. These people prefer to focus their time more disseminating their games than making it. In this forum we can see some project that have more than a thousand of replies and no even a demo.

            I prefer the development methodology of making the game and latter add features and custom things on it, so if you give up you have an average game rather than a demo full of custom things.


            Old September 1st, 2012 (3:16 PM).
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            voted for : They never get finished.


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            Old September 19th, 2012 (6:56 AM).
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              Pokemon is a really hard game to make. One thing that annoys me and is not on the list is the fact that eveyone wants to make a long pokemon game. I'd like to see some shorter but better ones. Mispellings, bugs, crashes and other annoying things are common in longer games because they need a lot of time and a big team. Why not making a shorter game? that's only a suggestion of course.


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              Old September 22nd, 2012 (6:55 PM).
              poke-world poke-world is offline
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                that the topics are filled with utter spam, many people decide to use the same, boring storyline, that nothing has really been planned, that there are no new features or systems, that updates are made, but don't show much of anything, and that many people put poor-looking Fakemon in there games (Acanthite excluded).

                Old September 26th, 2012 (8:47 AM).
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                most fangames are never finished and have a lack of originality and are never done


                Old October 1st, 2012 (1:56 AM).
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                  For me, its a. Spelling and Grammar. Please people, I advise typing EVERYTHING into MS Word, Pages, OpenOffice or whatever word processing program you have with spell check, and make sure it WORKS!!!! I've seen some pretty good games out there that have put me off because of spelling.
                  b. Very few new features. It's great to have a awesome game, you know? New storyline, new region, new cities, great everything... but it's basically the same features as every game has... I mean, what would it take to just have a nice event here or there that looks nice, hm hm? Maybe the Pokémon are all visible form a GUI at the top of the screen? That'd be cool. What about a fully interactive day/night system, with berries only growing in day and the Pokémon Center is closed at night? Cool! You get me?

                  c. Pokemon Essentials. Linking back to b, I know a lot of people use Pokemon Essentials and rely on it for a lot of things in their games. But there is little variety. Many people use default scripts, default settings, default resources, and just make a game from that. No creativity there whatsoever.

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