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Old July 24th, 2013 (4:35 PM).
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Nearly each generation we get some form of three stage caterpillar Pokemon that we encounter early on in the game. To some, they may seem monotonous, while others are distinct and hold a special place in their heart. Simply rank these Pokemon from your least favorite to your favorite. You may reference design and competitive use of each Pokemon and their respective evolutions.

Rank these six three-stage catepillar pokemon, by least to most favorite evolutionary line 1-6:

caterpie, weedle, wurmple(dustox), wurmple (beautifly), sewaddle, scatterbug
#Team Popplio & Brionne

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Old July 24th, 2013 (5:12 PM).
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Of course, as seemingly filling as they are to the classic games we know and love, most would agree Caterpie, Weedle and Wurmple (both) are still classic Pokemon. Caterpie and Weedle, to be more precise, I would say have been a but ripped off and been 'spoofed' by the other descendants.

I still like the caterpillar lines, but I must say I don't like when a classic is consistently repeated, much like I don't like a turtle to be repeatedly run over by a freight train.

Also, In my opinion, Scatterbug is a bit...scary looking .3." Say's the lover of all things ghostly, I think its creepy and that it sort of strays out of the category of cutiepillars.

Old July 24th, 2013 (5:23 PM). Edited July 24th, 2013 by Soldier Randy.
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My first one would be definitly Caterpie evolutionary family, I've always liked the looks of them and with Metapod (yes, Metapod) I won my first gym badge wich it was the Boulder Badge.

2- Weedle, because Beedrill looks cool.
3- Wurmple, cuz I think Beautifly it's ok.
4- Scatterbug, it's too new but they look nice.
5- Sewaddle, I don't like it to much...
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Old July 24th, 2013 (10:42 PM).
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Sewaddle is my favorite. It's like a bundled-up baby.

1. Sewaddle - Though not a butterfly/moth, this mantis is beautiful, elegant, and powerful. I chose this line due to the overall because each stage is consistantly well designed.
2. Caterpie - Nostolgia is a factor here. I love butterfree; it always brings me back to teh memory of Ash's first caught pokemon.
3. Scatterbug - Finally, we get butterfly scales, which derives their scientific name. The scales of butterfly are an integral part of their survival. I also love the black/grey, white, pink, and blue color palette.
4. Wurmple (Beautifly) I love how this design features the proboscis. I also love the idea of a split evolution and silk cocoons.
5. Wurmple (Dustox) -Very colorful, though a bit on the ugly side. That's my only criticism.
6. Weedle - I prefer my Vespiquen. Though, I don't really dislike this pokemon like by any means, the others are just more appealing to me.
#Team Popplio & Brionne
Old July 24th, 2013 (10:54 PM).
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1. Caterpie. Mostly because of Butterfree, who is my favorite out of the evolutions. But also because I think Caterpie is cuter than all the others except for Sewaddle.
2. Sewaddle because it's the cutest, haha. And It's final evolution is a really cool looking pokémon.
3. Weedle, because I actually like its colors and I love Beedrill's design. Sadly, I never liked using Beedrill much in the games, it was just not very great compared to other flying or poison or even bug pokémon imo. But still, looks and idea go a long way.
4. Scatterbug, I guess. It's freaking me out a little, hahaha. And at first I didn't like it's final evo at all. But Vivillion grew on me and I sort of think it's cool now.
5. Wurmple - Beautifly. I always disliked Wurmple's and Cascoon's/Silcoon's appearance. They were just bad ripoffs of Caterpie/Weedle imo. And while Beautifly is really cute and nice in the anime, I never liked it much in the games and its rival is Butterfree so it loses.
6. Wurmple - Dustox. I can't defend this evo in any way, haha. I just think it's really ugly :] But I have used in the game at some point, so it's not completely worthless I guess! Just, whatever this does, Venomoth does better.
Old July 25th, 2013 (12:21 AM).
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1. Easily, my top choice would be Caterpie and its evolutions. For as long as I can remember, Butterfree's always been one of my favorite Pokemon, and when trained the right way, can be a highly effective battler.

2 & 3. After Caterpie, my interest in the rest of the caterpillar-like Pokemon mostly disappears. Weedle and Wurmple (Dustox) share a tie for second-place, though, as I've used both at one point or another in the past, and they proved to be semi-effective.

4. Sewaddle comes in to this spot by default more than anything, since I haven't really used any of the Pokemon in the family. I do like Leavanny's design, though, and I'm glad they didn't just go the easy route with another butterfly.

5. I've got absolutely no opinion about Scatterbug and its evolutions, other than the fact that I like Vivillon's design more than my number 6 choice, and that I really don't like Scatterbug's name.

6. Wurmple that evolve into Beautifly are at the bottom of my list. I forgive Vivillon since it has a pretty cool look, but Beautifly seems nothing more to me than a more feminine, realistic version of Butterfree. In fact, I would've been fine if all Wurmple only evolved into Dustox, rather than having a split evolution.
Old July 25th, 2013 (2:31 AM).
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I would make this easy and short :
Leavanny --> Butterfree --> Beautifly --> Dustox --> Scatterbug --> Venomoth --> Beedrill
Old July 25th, 2013 (2:42 AM).
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1. Caterpie - Can't get any better than butterfree
2. Wurmple (beautifly) - Beautify is beautiful
3. Scatterbug - It looks funny
4. Weedle - Eh...
5. Sewaddle - .... I freakin hate you
6. Wurmple(dustox) - Dustox sucks.
Old July 25th, 2013 (9:04 AM).
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well first I would put Weedle as that is the first one I used. Next I would put Swaddle as it is cute then I would scatterbug as it looks cool. I would put Wurmple (beatifly) next then wurmple(mothrim) last of all caterpie.

1. Weedle
4 wurmple-beatifly

that was easy
Old July 25th, 2013 (11:02 AM).
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1.) Caterpie
2.) Wurmple (beautifly)
3.) Weedle
4.) Wurmple (dustox)
5.) Scatterbug
6.) Sewaddle

I chose caterpie first because butterfree is my favorite bug Pokemon of all time! Butterfree's just so beautiful, and in the anime Ash's butterfree made me sad and I will always remember that episode. Next I chose beautifly wurmple because beautifly is also one of my top favorite bug because because I really like the look and grace that beautifly has. Third I chose weedle because beedril is a powerhouse among big Pokemon and weedle is fun to say.

Fourth I chose Dustox because I have nostalgic memories of dustox when she was Jessie's Pokemon in the anime. Fourth I chose scatterbug because I know nothing of scatterbug except I really like the look of it's final evolution- it's gorgeous! Lastly, I chose sewaddle because I hate sewaddles.
Old July 27th, 2013 (8:42 PM).
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1 - Caterpie... It was the first Bug Pokemon that I raised, so it holds a special place in my heart.
2 - I will have to follow that up with Weedle, because I really love Beedrill a lot.
3 - This one has to go to Wurmple because I've never used the other two (well, obviously I can't have used Scatterbug yet!! lol). I didn't really keep Wurmple on my teams for long in my RSE playthroughs.
4 - I'm really stoked to use Scatterbug when X/Y comes out. I think that it's final evolution is beautiful and I can't wait to see how it fares in battle! :D
5 - I never used Sewaddle.. so.. I can't really form an opinion on it.

I would like to mention that Spinarak/Ariados and Kricketot/Kricketune also hold very near and dear places in my heart... Especially Kricketune, who managed to stay on my team all the way through Cynthia on my Diamond game. A place most Bug-types never make it to when I capture them.
Old August 16th, 2013 (7:01 PM).
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1. Sewaddle. It ends up being cute the whole way through and I like to use grass types so the dual typing is a plus for me. Haven't used it myself yet, but it does seem usable enough.

2. Scatterbug. Based strictly off design since I have no idea what it's like just yet. It just looks like a Pokemon I'd want to use. Not a huge fan over the typing though.

3. Weedle. After using both Butterfree and Beedrill I think Beedrill was a little more successful on its own. Even then it was pretty bad.

4. Caterpie. I mean Butterfree is pretty good until you start going against higher level Pokemon and then it's just not even worth having at all and for something that's supposed to be a butterfly it's not very appealing lol.

5. Wurmple. I just never cared for it at all. Out of all its stages I prefer Silcoon and Cascoon than its fully evolved forms. Which I think is pretty sad to say. I feel like they tried to make a caterpillar a little more interesting than usual and it just ended up being really underwhelming.
Old August 17th, 2013 (4:51 PM).
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Sewaddle/Swadloon/Leavanny are number 1 for me, and it's not even a competition. Sewaddle and Swadloon don't particularly stand out - nice designs and nice concept, but that's about it. But Leavanny is easily the best of the lot as far as these choices go. Swords Dance plus Leaf Blade plus X Scissor and an entire swath of opposing pokemon - Grounds, Rocks, Waters, Psychics, Darks and Grasses - just don't stand a chance. It's been a staple in almost all of my Unova playthroughs and has gone to the E4 more than once (and through the Battle Subway), and has never let me down.

Next in line... I guess would be Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree. It's really sort of mediocre, but it does have a great movepool and Compound Eyes is an awesome ability for it.

Next... probably Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill. Beedrill's always sort of frustrated me, because it has so much potential, but it just doesn't manage to live up to it. A little more Speed and maybe a bit of Defense and it would've been great.

Then the whole Wurmple line. The concept was interesting, but it's sort of a pain in the ass to deal with a random evolution. Beautifly's almost good, but it's movepool is weird - I've never understood why this Flying/Bug has so many Grass moves and so few Flying or Bug moves. It does get a few good Bug moves, but they come along so late that it's really not worth it to put up with such a mediocre pokemon for long enough to get them. And Dustox is just terrible - with some decent attacking moves and lousy attacking stats, and decent defensive stats and lousy defensive moves.

I can't comment on whatever that Gen VI thing is, since I haven't played the games yet.
Old August 17th, 2013 (5:25 PM).
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Generally I love the 'caterpillars', but I shall do this in order!

Without question, Beautifly is my favourite of the lot. It's so pretty, elegant, nimble, and above all it's surprising. It's a Pokémon that you'd never expect to be a good battler, but when you get him some support and really give it a go, Beautifly can shine like he was designed to. It's an astounding change from something as off-putting as Wurmple, but I guess that's the beauty of evolution. But don't take my word for it - just ask May.

For similar reasons to the above, Butterfree is a big favourite of mine too. It's not the most exceptional and it certainly isn't good for any kind of battling, but it has a certain elegance surrounding it that Bug types really deserve. I do wish he had some better stats, but Butterfree really shines out as a notable Bug-type. It's just a shame Beautifly does the job so much better!

I'm not a fan at all of Leavanny - it's quite a creepy design for a Pokémon - but I absolutely adore the base form Sewaddle. It's only of the cutest Pokémon out there and the Grass/Bug typing gives an interesting twist to the battle scene. The huge 4x weaknesses are a big shame and the designs of his evolutions just get worse and worse, but Sewaddle is my favourite of the base-form caterpillars so the family is quite high up on my list.

Once again, I detest the final (and middle) stage of this family, but the base form is quite the cutie. Weedle's a Pokémon that I've always had an unexplainable interest in - there's nothing overly unique or interesting about it, but for some reason it's a very appealing Pokémon to me. Perhaps it's because it's so basic, or perhaps it's the innocent and vulnerable nature, but Weedle's a Pokémon that I've always loved. It's just a shame I'm terrified of his evolutions!

Ew ew ew ew ewwwwwwwwwwwwww. Ew. EWWW. Ew ew ew. The only slightly redeeming thing about this 'Pokémon' is that it's from the same line as Beautifly. Dustox offers nothing even remotely charming in its design and his battling abilities are awful to boot. It's not often I find a Pokémon that I truly hate, but Dustox is one exception to that rule. Moths alone are bad enough, but then making it look so damn ugly? Ughh.

New Pretty Thing
So that just leaves the new thingy! I don't actually know much about it yet but from the designs I've seen it looks pretty cool. I haven't rated it in with the others to avoid an unfair ranking, but I've got high hopes for it. I've always been a fan of these 'caterpillar' families so hopefully this new addition won't be another Dustox in the waiting. I've read about their types (the final form seems disappointing based on the family's!) and I've seen pictures of them all - they're nothing exceptional but they certainly can't be worse than some of the current ones haha. Looking forward to it, though!

(The amount of Wurmple hate in this thread is depressing </3)
Old August 17th, 2013 (6:19 PM).
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1. Butterfree-

Butterfree will always be my favorite simply because I...have just fallen in love with him for over 10 years now. He is just so beautiful and elegant. Butterfree definitely has the most original and beautiful design of all of them to me. I remember falling in love with Ash's Butterfree in the anime and then later using one on my first playthrough of my Blue version. He was certainly a game changer for me. Although it isn't all about Butterfree as it's pre-evolutions are amazing as well. Caterpie is one of the most adorable Pokemon in existence and who couldn't love Metapod after seeing that episode in the anime?

2. Beautifly-

I feel this beautiful little bug is extremely underrated and I can't believe the hate that this line gets. Yes...Dustox is not as great so I guess that is where some of the distaste comes from, but you cannot deny the beauty that this Pokemon possesses. This is probably the closest in design to it's real life counterpart which is really amazing and it just a beauty to look at. With access to some pretty good moves and Quiver Dance to boost them, Beautifly can make for a really good Pokemon. While it's pre-evolution, Silcoon, is not the best, it certainly isn't the worst and Wurmple has always been one of my favorite Pokemon from Hoenn! I guess the biggest part of this family is the element of surprise. My first thought when I catch a Wurmple is: "will this be a Dustox or Beautifly?" and I am always rooting for the latter.

3. Vivillon-

While we don't know a whole lot about this family yet and I don't really feel right ranking one so high that I know nothing about, I did so simply because of the beauty of Vivillon. This is one of the most beautiful Pokemon revealed so far and it's pre-evolutions are cuties as well. The middle stage one reminds me a little of Larvesta, and the first stage is just so <33333. I really hope that these turn out to be good Pokemon because I will be really disappointed if not.

4. Leavanny-

This family stands out because it is more physical attack based and doesn't fly. I feel gen 5 had really unique Bug Pokemon and this family was no exception. I recently used Leavanny on my playthrough and was very glad I did so. Yes..the double weakness to both fire and fighting moves is a HUGE drawback, but the design of this family and their power make up for that.

5. Dustox-

Once again we are looking at a Pokemon from the Wurmple family and while it isn't a bad Pokemon at all, it isn't my favorite. It does get some love from being an evolved form of Wurmple, but definitely isn't as cool or as beautiful as it's counterpart, Beautifly.

6. Beedrill-

I only ranked this family last because, I HATE bees and this family is just that! Weedle is adorable to me, but that is about the only good part of this evolutionary line. Kakuna is really horrid to look at and Beedrill just doesn't stand out like Buttefree. It's movepool is shallow and it's overall design is inferior. I don't hate this line, but it is definitely my least favorite!

Showdown | Christos | smod
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If I had to rank them:

1. Weedle/Kakuna/Beedril. - B) It's a Bee, and has a cool design and name.
2. Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree - Butterfree is just really cute. One of the more famous Pokemon.
2. Scatterbug/Spewpa/Vivillion (Really like Vivillion's design compared to all the others.
4. Wurmple/Cascoon/Dustox - It's alright. I'd rather use Dustox over Beautifly.
5. Wurmple/Silcoon/Beautifly - Not a fan of Beautifly's design really.
6. Sewaddle/the other one/Leavanny - Just no. Leavanny just looks weird.
Old August 20th, 2013 (2:54 PM).
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  1. Caterpie and Weedle are both thriller. They gave players a distinct choice: would you like to have an easy-to-catch worm that becomes a graceful butterfly or a venomous wasp? It's choices like these (omanyte vs kabuto, scyther vs pinsir, spearow vs pidgey, starter choices, eeveelution choices, version exclusives, etc) which pokemon thrives on, when making your own unique team.
  2. Wurmple was filler. Rather than giving players a choice, it was up to... randomness? Neither Beautifly nor Dustox brought anything new to the table compared to Butterfree and Venomoth.
  3. Sewaddle was thriller. It was based on a unique type of caterpillar, the type that camoflauges as a leaf, putting a unique spin to bug/grass. And instead of evolving into a repetitive butterfly/moth, it evolved into a pray mantis which was very distinct from Scyther.
  4. Scatterbug is filler. The butterfly is pink this time. I guess that's cool.
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