Celebration Happy birthday, Discord!

Started by Alex March 10th, 2017 9:16 PM
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Happy Birthday Discord!

Our Discord Server Has Turned 1!

Today, the PokeCommunity's Discord server is one year old! Thanks, everyone, for continually making it a fantastic place to chat and relax. We've had plenty of fun in the day-to-day chat, as well as in organized events such as The PokeCommunity Get-Together. In just one year, as you'll soon see visually, we've grown an outstanding amount: our active and online user count has grown consistently month after month, we got partnered with Discord in roughly six months, and we're now over 1.5 million total messages sent! It's been a blast so far and it won't stop any time soon. If you haven't joined the server yet, make sure to drop by! Everyone is welcome.

With love from PC's Social Media Team...

Big thanks to Achromatic for whipping this up!

Server Activity Stats

Messages per Month (in thousands)

This past month wasn't our best, but overall our activity has risen incredibly quickly! We've gone from around 20 users online at a time and a few hundred messages a day to 300+ users online and ten thousand messages per day, all in only a year.

Messages by Channel

This graph is based on a logarithmic scale, so it looks a bit misleading. The numbers on the bottom axis are purely for visual purposes. The real numbers are printed next to the channel names. At this rate we should be celebrating 1 million messages in #general alone sometime within the next month!

Share Your Discord Memories!

Some highlights this past year:
  • PokeCommunity Get-Together 14
  • E3 Discussion
  • Sun & Moon hype & release
  • The Great Christmas War of 2016 (Go Team Grinch)
  • The Nintendo Switch announcement discussion

Do you have any fond memories on our Discord server? Post them below!

What is Discord?

Discord is a free live chatting application, similar to Skype and Slack. It's like those two had a baby. You can use it in-browser at www.discord.gg or download the app on your computer and phone. By joining our server (click here), you can join the community and chat about, among others, #pokemon, #rom-hacking, #gaming, #music; share your work in the #artist-studio or #writers-lounge; find your 6IV ditto in the #tradecorner (yea, right); or just hang out in #general! Discord is a pressure-free environment where you can come & go as you please. We're all there to hang out, make friends and have fun.

How Are We Doing?

We'd love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or simply want to drop a comment, feel free to PM any of the Discord moderoids! If you'd like to keep your feedback private, please specify that in your feedback PM. Only the one you've chosen to PM will know who you are.

The Discord mods are: McCree, Rainbow, engineer, Frieza, hashtag, Hands, Nina, Bebop, bobandbill, Hiroshi Sotomura, Sylphiel and Rukario. Click a name to send a message!

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So our Discord server has turned a year now? I hope you guys will keep it up and making it a nice place for everyone c:


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I've only been in the discord for about a month, but it has been a fun one. I hope it can stay just as good in the future!


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This server has been an amazing part of my life for the past year and I adore all of you guys that make it so much fun and all the moderoids that help run it with me. You're great. :)

Like Alex said, we'd definitely appreciate feedback, so if you have any, feel free to PM it to one of us! Don't be shy, anything helps.
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happy 1st bday discord!!! they grow up so fast :')
*old geezer voice* back in my day we had 20 people online max and 30 was a cause for celebration
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i am very pleased with the community that has been fostered by you all



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Happy first birthday PC Discord! I've made many 'memories' onboard and I hope everything will stay just as good as we drift towards two years!
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Now with a Daily article!

Staff Anime Villain Collab - Earl de Darkwood - Interstella 5555

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The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum
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I have only been on Discord for about a few weeks. But that time was about the time of my life at least this year. The best part to me was making some friends like Raffy98 and Coffee (thats not all of them). There would be too many to say, but for the most part everyone is really nice on there. I hope I will be here for a full year like the discord server has! :)


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Really enjoying Discord, there are so many nice people there and I made a lot of new friends.
Also Voice Chat people are great. {XD}
Happy first birthday!
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It's been a fun year!!(even though I am quiet on Discord)


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This is incredible and I'm very proud of the staff who have been upkeeping these channels. You guys are awesome & congrats!! Adding Discord to PC was one of the best decisions we've made.
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Discord is literally how I met all of my friends here on PC and was an amazing way to return to PC after a break, thanks a lot Discord!


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:hug: @everyone


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Discord fam! All thanks to you all for this wonderful year. Let's hope we can keep it going for many more (:

It's been a fun year!!(even though I am quiet on Discord)
You've been around more lately (or more around my timezone at least haha) and it's nice <3



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wow Its been a great and fun time and I'm surprised how fast the time flew bye.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PC DISCORD!

I got us cake..

You know.. we couldn't do it without YOU all.,. so thanks and be sure to pop in and say hi to us all, especially of you've not yet visited and chatted on the discord before, we'd love to hear from ya!