Your first exposure to the RPG genre.

Started by Jiggykoopbob October 21st, 2021 3:06 AM
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Hey! It is i, Jiggykoopbob again.

I can still remember quite well what my first RPG game of any kind was. Which was Mario & Luigi Partners in Time on the Nintendo DS. I played this game on an old R4 card back in like 2010 or something, and it wasn't until 6 years later that i replayed that game and it got me in love with the RPG genre all over again.

Though... Because pretty much all Mario RPGs has a mechanic in them of having to press a button to deal more damage when attacking, This let me to believe that almost all RPG games out there had that mechanic. Including Pokémon actually. I still remember trying out Pokémon Ruby on an emulator for the first time and i mashed the button when one of my Pokémon used a bubble attack. (I like to use the word "attack" and not "move" because not all Pokémon moves deal damage you know?)

Anyway, I'd like to know what your first exposure to the RPG genre in general is.


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RPGs were my first video games, and the first two of those for me were Pokemon Yellow and Grandia. Don't remember which was before the other though. Probably close enough to the same time that it doesn't really matter.
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TMNT 2 and the original Zelda on the NES.

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Final Fantasy VII with my aunt's boyfriend. I did the opening bombing mission and got stuck trying to figure the way out whilst the timer continued to tick down...I think this might be the root cause of my dislike of timers in video games. And Final Fantasy VII.

After that I believe it was Pokemon Red, alongside many other people from my generation. But after that I don't think I played another RPG until Final Fantasy VIII. My memory is a bit spotty and I didn't have many games when I was younger, never mind complicated RPGs.

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I uh... actually don't know my first RPG game... FPS, RTS, TBS, Racing games I can clearly name off the top off my head what started it all... but RPG's... no clue

then again i would not be suprised if it was Runescape of all games that was my first RPG xD
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Pokemon Red is the oldest game I remember playing so I'll go with that. 😗

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Uncertain. Was quite young. Guesses Second Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Played with a sibling as the dungeon master. Multiclassed every character for some reason. Cannot remember parents ever being involved.

Blurs together, though. Could have been something like Castle of the Winds, Angband, or Moria. Rented games then too. Opens up Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana as possibilities. Leans towards them being too late (by the time of renting them). Believes similarly for Diablo 1 (demo) and The Realm. (Was definitely too young for the former. Supervised neither of those.)

Hm. Another possibility: Dungeon Master (DOS). Played it at some point. Almost certainly never made it far.
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