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Started by gimmepie August 7th, 2022 5:59 PM
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Do you use faceclaims for your characters? If yes, what kind and where do you get them from? Or do you prefer to work purely from a written description?
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I have used.... one single faceclaim for a character ever and that's because you made me ahaha. Luckily my character looked similar enough to the SM female Veteran model already! Maybe I chose to use her because of that restriction. Don't remember! But I'd drawn her before, as I've done for all my important characters. I think my process is fairly organic- figure out their personality and a few physical traits I know they should have, then draw a few versions of them until I land on something that feels right. Then I rewrite their physical description based on what I've drawn. :)
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Yeah, I have a small collection of art I use for characters. I typically peruse /tg/, dA, and Pixiv if I can't find something I vibe with in my folder of things. I also add to my collection around once a week or once every other week just to gather some more ideas. Figuring out physical and personality quirks goes kind of hand in hand with finding art I like. If I had any artistic capabilities I'd probably try making some stuff of my own, but I don't even know how to make minor edits in photoshop so I will just keep collecting B)


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I also have a very large folder dedicated to drawing inspiration from art haha, something in the line of... 30GB? That I've collected over the years. I wish I had the ability to think up characters entirely from imagination; and I sort of do, but they are always these "ghosts" of what they could be, it's never grounded enough for me to really picture them. So I do need art and atmosphere first! Often my characters come from a flash of inspiration when I'm going through pictures or watching media, or reading other books, even.

After that, I like to practice drawing them until I eventually settle on a concept! That takes a lot of time because you definitely need to write them out a bit first. But it's fun!
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I usually have a "vibe" for characters. I usually know their personality before I know what they look like, then search something based on those looks.

If I like the character well enough, I eventually establish an artwork with slightly different features as I do find it a little rude to steal someone else's art for faceclaims just for myself dw I'm not judging people. For smaller things I usually mind less but when I like a character to the point that I talk about them a lot, I will start creating their own appearance. This has happened for a few of my characters now.

I use pinterest for most of my faceclaims. Sometimes I just straight up google, others have been in my folder on my desktop for literal years.
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About my own character, I have to say I was significantly inspired by one of Reborn's characters, Gossip Gardevoir. That is what inspired me to create one, also working on TV shows, but centered at first on fact-checking. A jolly, friendly character who likes adventures as much as she enjoys good things, hot springs, Berry Juices, ...
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Never, ever and I never will. I can just use picrew. I'm creative enough to make my own designs instead of borrowing from existing stuff.

The only time I ever did was some Digimon rp that never started back in 2012.


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I used to use faceclaims I found that fit the general aesthetic of characters I had in mind. Now I can draw - at least a bit - so I just make my own character art so I always get pretty much exactly what I want.
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