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    Originally Posted by Darkpoké001 View Post
    I think Generation VI was slightly better than VII.
    Is this considered an unpopular opinion? I thought the "popular" way to view Gen VI is good potential but needed more fleshing out rather than being bad at core.
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    Originally Posted by Yue Han View Post
    Is this considered an unpopular opinion? I thought the "popular" way to view Gen VI is good potential but needed more fleshing out rather than being bad at core.
    Yeah. The previous gen isn't held in that much of a high regard because of the reasons you listed here. However, I'm seeing a few people attempting to praise it just to find an attempt to bash the most recent generation as per the Pokemon cycle. Like was here with the PSS being quicker to access and not having to go to another interface, previous generation saw the complaint that the plot was executed badly, and there needed to be a good plot like that of BW. Although strangely enough, the plot is one thing that's being bashed this gen as well...
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      I'd say it's the execution of the most recent gen's plot is why it gets a (very deserved) bashing and I would say gen VII is bad at core. It has some parts I liked, but ultimately the negatives outweigh the positives and it's the only generation I would say that for (although Gen IV does come very close too).

      Anyway to get back on topic... Vanilluxe is an amazing design while Chandelure looks absolutely horrific.
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        I'm leaving this here, but I'd recommend you not to read it...
        Please, think twicely before clicking the next spoiler, this might negatively influence you(I'm a some sort of loyalist freak apparently...).
        Also, recursion...
        -The animé is not lame nor for kids only;
        -Ash has had better accomplishments than silly leagues :
        battle frontier, a few minor competitions, honorary citizenship, taking down most core-game criminal organizations as well as a few minor groups and poachers, getting the attention of a latias(yes, I deem it as an accomplishment ;P), and saving lives or the entire world multiple times...
        Oh, allow me to clarify a couple things : may the Orange League not be that much of a challenge compared to, say, the battle frontier, it's still a league and Ashy-boi did, win it. Thus, contrary to popular misconception, Ash actually won a league, even if you probably don't care.
        And the animé's first episode aired on April 1st 1997, thus if you thought Ash was an April's fools joke you got served;
        -Mistakes and logical flaws through animé, games and other media make everything more amusing(even if I wish I could jump ledges like the Almian ones...);
        -Side-games that aren't GO are unfairly forgotten;
        -Mystery Dungeon was betrayed by us(PSMD getting positive reviews but selling less copies than GTI, the one hated by everyone? Both of them selling less copies than Ranger games, which always sat in the shadow? No surprise it was the last title...);
        -GO, despite the fascinating concept, is overall poor and with little to do(besides, sticking to a group and waiting for a raid to happen? No thanks, I hate groups and I hate waiting. I had a couple viable pokéstops to propose, but sadly it'll never happen because the service was made unavailable);
        -There aren't any better or worse generations;
        -Competitiveness is overrated;
        -Players cherish pokédex entries and focusing on overall darkness because they enjoy sufference;
        -If you deem a design as poor it's your fault : true-devs know what they're doing, investigate the designs instead of inappropriately bashing their works filled with effort, research and affection
        (however, as former student, I admit I just cannot withstand the fact there's a pokémon based off the sand mausoleum from Giacomo Leopardi's Dialogue between an Icelandic and Nature);
        -The goals of league and pokédex are overrated (besides, we mostly play for the sake of seeing the new setting, what is new and what has changed, contraddict me here);
        -Many claim fan-devs and rom hackers do better than true-devs, and yet, we often get to witness the recycling of overused graphics(if you really must keep Red without changing the sprite, at least change the colours), without much that redeems the overall gameplay and the music being just core game music everyone is probably familiar with(okay, not everyone can be a composer, but wynaut using tracks from forgotten side-games? Makes most experience something new and will bring tears to the eyes of those who know where the track comes from).
        . . .
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        Possibly unpopular opinion incoming!

        Fifth generation is placed on way too much of a pedestal. While there are certainly many things to like about the generation in particular and what it introduced, it's really not all that great.

        Triples and Rotation battles I'd hardly count as memorable, simply because there were so few of them. This could be the fault of Game Freak not really taking full advantage of them, but I felt like they were included for basically no reason. It would be a lot more interesting if Gym Leader battles and Elite Four battles made use of Triples and Rotations, but no, this is not the case. It's really only optional NPC battles at most that do this which makes this less interesting. Sky battles fall into the same category except worse, because less than a handful of trainers have the capability to fight you in a Sky battle. It felt like a complete waste of an addition. All three battle modes felt somewhat innovative but since they were restricted to so few NPCs, they didn't feel interesting enough to be worth it.

        Dream World was an absolute embarrassment and a mess. I'm not exactly sure what either Nintendo or TPCi had in mind when they tried to implement this sort of thing because it was interesting at first and then.... it became absolutely infuriating. It was mostly an annoying way of trying to catch Hidden Ability Pokemon at the time that they were introduced which was, imo at least, pretty sloppy. If I recall correctly, Dream World is also the only way where you could regrow berries which was agonizing at the time because it really shouldn't have to be that way. This is a pretty big deal if you wanted to do things like competitive in-game battles like Battle Subway at the time because Dream World is just terribly inefficient.

        Speaking of Battle Subway, this is the biggest thing that nearly killed my love of Gen 5, had it not been for B2W2's Pokemon World Tournament. You go from Gen IV's Battle Frontier, which was a very loved addition in both Platinum and HGSS, to something that's basically worse than a watered down Battle Tower? At least in Battle Tower iirc you can partner up with a friend over the internet; you can't even do that in the Battle Subway. It was just a massive disappointment all around because you would expect the post-game of BW to be some sort of amazing thing coming off the highs of Gen VI's Battle Frontier, only to be slapped in the face with a massively stripped down Battle Tower at best.

        On a seperate note, both BW and B2W2 could've done without the Shadow Triad because they added precisely zero to the story whatsoever. They were just there to be "ooo mysterious" and then turned out to be one of the most forgettable characters ever. You don't discover their identity or their background or anything because as soon as you beat Ghetsis in BW or Colress/Ghetsis in B2W2, the Shadow Triad vanish into the darkness never to be seen again. An argument can be made that they're the equivalent of your everyday henchmen, but why make them into separate classes of trainers to begin with, as if they're this super big deal? They're not even good trainers at that -- IIRC they have like one or two Pokemon and they barely put up a fight.

        Speaking of pointless, I don't like the addition of the Sages, although I'll give them mostly a pass because I feel like they were mostly added for plot material and not much else. Although if I'm going to be honest, the Sages quickly descended into irrelevancy because in BW the story revolved too much around N and Ghetsis for them to matter anyway. In B2W2 some of them serve more of a purpose; although barely because you battle like two of them, have some dialogue with a third one and the other three are nowhere to be seen. So I suppose at the same time, the sages didn't serve... any purpose at all in both games besides being minorly relevant as far as plot goes I guess.

        I could go on, but the bigger point here isn't to really slam Gen 5 or anything. In truth, I don't even dislike Gen 5. It certainly has a lot of things worth praising. Gen 5's in-battle graphics are... okay, I guess, but they're nothing to really write home about; the overworld graphics I'd argue are better, I think. Bianca and Cheren are definitely noteworthy rivals with very contrasting personalities that I really like! I also like seeing their progression as characters in B2W2, as it was nice seeing Cheren as a Gym Leader and Bianca as Juniper's assistant. Fifth gen has an amazing Pokemon roster. I could go on and on here, too.

        The bigger point being here is that fifth gen isn't perfect, and people need to stop pretending like it's some sort of holy grail of the Pokemon gaming franchise when truth be told it's just about as flawed as every other Pokemon game made.
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          A "Hard mode" for Pokemon games is entirely uneeded and would only take away from the core experience. If you want a challenge, don't do anything to make the game easier on yourself like grinding or using items during battle - there are plenty of ways to play the game to make it harder without flipping a Hard Mode switch.

          Gen II is easily the worst generation as far as overall content goes because Johto is the worst designed region in the series because it is just unfun when you have to grind your way up and how much Kanto stole the spotlight. The postgame isn't even good because it is just empty and bland. HG/SS did little to fix the problems the region had. Wait no, they tried to fix the pokemon diversity but they did it in the scummiest way possible - regulating the extra pokemon to the Pokewalker.

          The Pokewalker is probably the scummiest thing Gamefreak has ever done and it was successful at making the players think they were being loved when they really were getting gouged out for a cheap accessory designed to have people pay more to "complete" the remake.

          B/W2 are bad games because they lost sight of what made B/W1 good and unique and turned it into a bland experience and things like needing other versions to unlock things like Challenge mode is really stupid. It did a lot of cool things and fixed up a few issues, but the main game is really bland and bad.

          US/UM are even worse than B/W2 and somehow ended up being the worst games in the series because whoever was in charge in making the additions thought it would be a good idea to have the Rotom Dex constantly bug you, throw out the character development characters like Lillie and Luisamne had, throw in artificial difficulty, artificially enforce same-gen cross-game incompatibility and more horrible changes.
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            1. Alder's battle theme isn't that bad. Sure, it doesn't fit his character in the slightest, but it's not poorly composed or anything.

            3. The updated remix of Cyrus' theme in USUM is garbage. It's shorter and has this irritating synth over the entire melody.

            4. Black 2 and White 2 are the best games in the series. What they lack in story, they make up for in post game and music. The expanded Pokedex was great as well.

            5. X and Y are the worst games in the series. With Diamond and Pearl, you could improve the performance the story a bit and have a great game. X and Y on the other hand would require serious reworking to work. The exp share is broken, the pacing is a mess, and the less I say about the post game the better. Aside from the new Pokemon and music, I do not care for either version.

            6. The Pokéwalker was an innovative accessory that paved the way for Go’s mechanics. The only problem with the accessory is how common certain Pokémon are. Other than that, I would love to see this accessory return in some form.

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