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What Trainer would you be?

Started by SceptileActual October 29th, 2019 7:12 PM
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Sceptile, The Forest Pokémon.

Age 18
Route 101, Hoenn
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If you could be any trainer, who would you be? I would personally be a dragon tamer as personally they're my favorite type, their oras design is pretty trash.

Please no actual canon trainers just ingame npcs.
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ice beam

the dream world
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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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14.7 Years
either an aroma lady (because i like grass types) or a kimono girl (because i like eeveelutions)
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Posted 2 Days Ago
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45 Days
I would be an Ace Trainer because they travel around the world.


Countless shards

Age 20
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Posted 6 Days Ago
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3.4 Years
Ace Trainer of course! Well, I'd wish.
The other best alternative is the scientist, obviously.


Cubie the Cube

Age 20
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Posted 7 Hours Ago
Street Performer from Pokémon Colosseum but male, or a new Poison-Type specialist (something Roxie-like would be cool) bc I don't like any of the existing classes related with the type.
I still don't know what to put here :rowlyikes:


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Posted 5 Hours Ago
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A Lady :3c I love their style! BW/BW2 style specifically.


Insert something creative here

with an axe
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Maybe swimmer because Water mons.


Fake Card Artist

Age 29
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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I think Poké Fan would be the best match for me, although they tend to be depicted older. They strike me as casual trainers who'd rather use their favorites, even if they're weak (no type restrictions is also a bonus). I'd treat my Pokémon as pets/family and my team would definitely include a cat Pokémon.

As far as trainer classes that focus on a particular type/theme, I think Bug Maniac would be a decent fit based on my current hobbies (though I'd be carrying around a camera instead of a net). I'd focus mainly on moth and caterpillar Pokémon.

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Starry Windy

Everything will be Daijoubu.

Liberty Garden
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Posted 2 Weeks Ago
I might want to be a hybrid of Ace Trainer and Musician. Even though I do wish they would show musician trainers playing other music instruments like piano, too.
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Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'

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Shimoda City
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Sw/Sh Lass or 5th gen Lady, two NPC classes that are in my "top 5 Poke-Waifu" list :P

I'd probably have stronger Pokemon than their classes usually have, though.

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Has sent out Pikachu!

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Posted 18 Hours Ago
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Super Nerd from the Gen I games? I don't wear glasses, but I am a nerd, so I guess that trainer class would be the one that'd fit me best.
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Age 30
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Posted 1 Day Ago
I would definitely be the Poké Fan type because I never leave the house without some sort of Pokémon merch on me, be it the Pikachu transit pass holder on my purse or the Cherrim keyring that holds my keys.
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Laverre City
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Posted 12 Hours Ago
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I’ve always fancied myself an Aroma Lady. :)


Age 19
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Posted 8 Hours Ago
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An Aroma Lady without a doubt! I mean, who wouldn't want to smell like a fresh spring rose at all times?
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