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7th Gen Alolan Formes

Started by Palamon 1 Week Ago 8:35 AM
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Generation 7 had regional variants or Alolan formes. Well, all of them were Kanto Pokemon, but, what did you think of this concept back when it was new? Which was your favorite?
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Alolan forms were alright. The Galar forms suck though. I’d have to say the best Alolan form is Marowak.
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Alolan forms are awesome. It's a shame it's Kanto-only and that not whole evolution lines got this form. I still feel like if an Alolan Raichu breed with another Alolan Raichu, their offspring shouldn't be regular Pikachu. I'm not a biologist, but this doesn't make sense for me.

But I have really hard time picking up my favourite. I really love Alolan Meowth design (but not Alolan Persian design), but then there is Alolan Raichu and Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales that are just so cute. I've used Alolan Vulpix line in my first playthrough of Sun and it was one of the best Pokémon on my team back then.

Overall, I'm glad they decided not to scrap this feature in Galar.
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Shouldn’t have been Kanto mons only but fortunately they didn’t go that route in SwSh. It’s a nice way to breathe new life into older Pokémon
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My favourite Alolan Form would have to be Alolan Marowak, because of it's access to very good physical moves and a STAB recoil move; Flare Blitz, a strong attack that gets it's recoil negated by the user's Hidden Ability; Rock Head. Takes a while to find a Battle Armour Cubone through SOS Chaining, but if you're lucky to have a user that knows Thief, you could nab yourself it's most important Held Item; Thick Club, which gives it colossal physical attack when held.

The only problem I have with Alolan Marowak is the lack of physical STAB moves due to learning them before Cubone's designated evolution level and how profoundly late the Move Relearner is, barring Fire Punch in USUM.

The Fire/Ghost-type combo gives this Pokemon massive improvement over it's Kantonian counterpart, despite the extra weaknesses.

It is also a nice nod to the mother Marowak's spirit in Lavender Town back in Gen I.
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