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Laverre City
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I will be making it a point to use every new Pokemon that is released, but Wooloo and Impidimp are a definite yes.

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the only two i'm pretty 100% on are sobble and yamper :fufu: beyond that, i guess we'll see who else is revealed. i like all of the new pokémon revealed thus far, i just don't necessarily see myself using them all.

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My mind is set on using Grookey if it has a decent final evo. Definitely see myself using Corviknight if its stats are decent. And Yamper cause its too cute to say no to.
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So far - besides the starters - I'll definitely have a Yamper on my team. I plan to catch a Wooloo but I'm not sure it'll stay on my main team till the end~


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will give a couple a chance (do hope Eevees are found early in the game)

Scorbunny as the starter
-- regional cat for sure - a must in every team I have --
any other that catches my attention, haven't decided
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At first glance, I would pick Corviknight & Impidimp, because I love the design, and I am interested in seeing what a Dark/Fairy type would bring to the table respectively.
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gonna be using grookey and impidimp, at the moment. it depends on evolutions
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Corviknight for sure, if impidemp (if thats its name) evolves ,I'll use it. If yamper is a single stage pokemon I'll pass, I have a fondness for dog pokemon but yamper looks silly. Scorbunny will be my starter for the first playthrough, but i'm considering using my sister's switch to trade over the other starters on my save to see how all 3 play. I plan on using gen 8 pokemon only during the campaign, I hope the rest revealed aren't silly looking


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Posted 17 Hours Ago
There's still plenty of new Pokemon to be revealed I'm sure so I'm holding off on anything beyond my starter (definitely picking Sobble I'm sure no contest) but out of the ones we have seen so far Corviknight and Yamper are definitely on my 'very possible' list. Wooloo too depending on how it evolves/if it does! But that's already four Pokemon so who knows what's going to end up being on my final team in the end!

What I do know is that it'll all be Galar Pokemon since that's how I always try to play a new generation


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I will be using nothing, but new pokemon. I hate using old pokemon when it comes to new generations, which is one massive reason Gen 5 is one of my favorites. Currently, I don't have much of an idea of who I want to use, but Corviknight is definitely a strong possibility. I am waiting to see if we get any new Ice Pokemon, which I will be very disappointed if we get less than 6.

I am also waiting to see what the fighting types of the region will look like.


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With the new Pokemon revealed, I'm thinking of something like this:
-The starter
-Impidimp or Alcremie
-Eldegoss (unless I end up picking Grookey)
-Drednaw (unless I end up picking Sobble)

Still not decided on the rest yet.
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Cape Town
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Very interested in using Alcremie as well as Wooloo now that I’ve seen it, but still have to see more of what’s available!

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Laverre City
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Between Sobble, Alcremie, Wooloo, Eldegoss, Impidimp, and Yamper, I expect to have the most adorable team in all of Galar. :')

Bristol, England
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As of the latest update Drednaw and Corviknight are the only gen 8 guaranteed a spot and I saw a Raichu so that will def have a place will have to see a full dex to see which older poke on i can use, out of the starters Scorbunny looks the better but will have to see its evolutions to see if I want to use it or go with no starter


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Posted 2 Days Ago
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For example Corviknight and Wooloo are neat, and I'm curiously eyeing Duraludon too. If I get the game, I feel like there'll definitely be new pokemon featured in my team!

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Liberty Garden
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Aside from the starter 'mon, I might keeping an eye on Wooloo and Alcremie as my potential team members. Still, this list might change as I'm catching more old and new 'mons later on.
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Posted 3 Days Ago
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If the GTS is available early enough, I'll be using the three starters for sure. Other than I'm not sure which Pokemon I'm going to use yet, but I'm definitely going to be using only Pokemon introduced in Gen 8 for my main team. Bit of a tradition of mine to only use Pokemon introduced in that game's generation. Although, if it's a remake I use Pokemon introduced in the generation it's a remake of.
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