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View Poll Results: Which is better?
Mew! 46 56.10%
Mew2! 36 43.90%
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Old August 16th, 2016 (12:46 AM).
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    mew used to be my favourite legendary pokémon so, mew wins for me.
    i was never a fan of mewtwo...
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    Old August 16th, 2016 (11:13 AM).
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      Originally Posted by boomc123 View Post
      Mew will always be slightly better because it was the original
      I think Mew was actually the very last pokemon created (by the game designers), so Mewtwo is technically the original
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      Old August 31st, 2016 (10:30 AM).
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        Originally Posted by EliteGen View Post
        I think Mew was actually the very last pokemon created (by the game designers), so Mewtwo is technically the original
        I think he means in terms of it's backstory, but yes, mew was the last created.
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        Old September 2nd, 2016 (3:22 AM).
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          Mewtwo with Psychic (with full PP ups), Amnesia, Substitute, and Recover was literally unstoppable. Amnesia was so broken. Substitute protected Mewtwo from status changes and high powered physical attacks. Nothing that did physical attacks could take out 10 subs before being shredded to pieces by a maxed out special backed Psychic.

          Make sub. Then amnesia. Replace subs as they break, using recover two turns after making the sub (always get the amnesia in first). When full health and full amnesia, unleash psychic.

          For Mew, I always liked something more like Psychic, Ice Beam/Thunderbolt, Sub, Softboiled. Similar idea but can't get anywhere close to as OP as Mewtwo by abusing Amnesia. Good idea to wait until the 2nd sub breaks before using Softboiled due to the fewer PP of that move also. And full PP ups on Mew's psychic too...
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          Old September 14th, 2016 (11:32 AM).
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            Still super close! Just 10 votes until 50
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            Old September 15th, 2016 (6:50 AM).
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              Although Mewtwo is obviously the 'better' Pokemon, I voted for Mew!

              My main reason is because my brother loves Mewtwo, so I always try to defeat him with a little Mew.
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              Old October 9th, 2016 (1:09 AM).
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              Mewtwo definitely. I mean ya Mew has the movepool, is cute & all, but would still go for Mewtwo.

              Pika Pika
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              Old October 10th, 2016 (10:54 PM).
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                Could have sworn I posted in here? Anyway, I love Mew. Cute af.

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                Old October 11th, 2016 (5:44 AM).
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                  Mewtwo yup yup...!
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                  Old October 13th, 2016 (9:18 AM).
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                  Mewtwo is obviously the stronger Pokémon but Mew isn't too bad either, and I always liked its design way more. Mewtwo is still a cool Pokémon.

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                  Old October 17th, 2016 (4:37 PM).
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                  I've always liked Mewtwo better. I've always loved how it's essentially the ultimate gen I Pokemon. Even when not trained very well, it's fun to crush things with it. And as a first time player, it was neat to have something else to accomplish after beating the Elite Four.

                  Mew is fun too, and I love how it can learn every move, but I've only really started adding one to my teams on the VC re-releases, so I'm not as attached to it. The only time I tried the Mew glitch on a cartridge, the cartridge essentially bricked the next time I played, and though it probably had nothing to do with the Mew glitch, I was weary of the glitch for quite a while, as it was the last thing I did before the cartridge stopped functioning properly.
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                  Old October 17th, 2016 (11:33 PM).
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                    I've never really used Mew in a way other than to use Transform! I thought it was so cool that a Pokémon other than Ditto could use the move. Too bad Mewtwo is far superior in everyway. The Only Draw to Mew is that it can learn any TM, but aside from the TMs its move set is pretty sad.
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                    Old November 1st, 2016 (11:19 AM).
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                      Mewtwo stronger:D
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                      Old November 3rd, 2016 (7:12 AM).
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                        REALLY tough, as both of them are my favorite Pokemon.

                        I think though I go with Mewtwo though, especially taking the anime into account. His portrayal in the anime cemented him as my favorite. And Battle-wise Mewtwo's a powerhouse, it was fun facing him in Pokemon Stadium.
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                        Old November 10th, 2016 (6:09 AM).
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                          There are many people who would vote for Mewtwo. Heck, I'd vote alongside 'em, except, let's consider rarity. That is the only way to truly dictate which Pokemon is better. There may be 1 Mewtwo, but there's no Mews in-game, except the Mew Glitch. If Mewtwo deserves Gold, then Mew deserves Platinum.
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                          Old November 12th, 2016 (10:37 PM).
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                            I like them both equally.

                            I realize that's not an option, but I'm a rebel.
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                            Old November 13th, 2016 (2:23 PM).
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                              Mew will always be my number one favorite legendary out of the two First of all it's cute second it can learn every single TM only drawback to this Legendary is that it can only be encountered by using two glitches which is the easiest way Since events to get Mew does not run anymore.

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                              Old November 13th, 2016 (5:59 PM).
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                                Between the fact that Mew sparked lots of conversations between my friends and I in grade school and the fact that Mewtwo is an asshat to capture, I feel obligated to vote for Mew. Thoughts of Mewtwo dodging my Pokeballs still triggers me to this day.
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                                Old December 10th, 2016 (3:35 PM).
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                                  Both are amazing! Although, I would have to choose Mewtwo in the end. Not only did he make an impact on me as a child, but the name alone brings back so many memories. Oh, but I'm not saying Mew doesn't have a place in my heart, because that cute legendary does < 3

                                  The first Pokemon movie I was introduced to carried these two legendaries, and boy did that really suck me into Pokemon.
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                                  Old January 11th, 2017 (7:12 AM).
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                                  Mew is my favorite legendary Pokemon, so I have to go with it. Not only do I think it is adorable, but it can learn any move in the game. I think this gives Mew a better advantage over Mewtwo.
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                                  Old January 24th, 2017 (7:48 AM).
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                                  I always liked Mew. Tiny legends who can do anything gets a win in my book. <33 Though Mewtwo is stronger with it's Psychic moves, I think I appreciated the amount of utility Mew was able to provide the most.

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                                  Old January 24th, 2017 (4:30 PM).
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                                    Mew by miles on the basis of CUTENESS.
                                    It's just too adorable - probably one of the cutest pokemon to date (in my personal opinion).

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                                    Old January 29th, 2017 (9:40 PM).
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                                      Mew is my fav.
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                                      Old February 5th, 2017 (5:02 AM).
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                                        It's a quite debatable issue and speaking of stats Mewtwo is of course undoubtedly ahead of Mew, but taking some special moves like transform and ability being synchroize makes Mew a more strategic one than Mewtwo. So if its power then Mewtwo>Mew and if its strategy, then Mew>Mewtwo. Overall i think Mewtwo is just ahead by an inch in the competiton speaking of gen 1.
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                                        Old February 13th, 2017 (7:09 PM).
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                                          mewtwo has the stats
                                          mew has the cuteness.
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