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Age 22
Seen 4 Weeks Ago
Posted May 15th, 2019
28 posts
4.4 Years
Loving the hack so far, but my surskit won't evolve into masquerain. It's lv 24 right now and I just beat the dewford gym/gave Steven the letter. I did read the first page again after and saw leveling up via capture exp does not trigger evolution, but does it disable it altogether? I leveled up to lv 22 via catching a Pokemon but I figured the next level will trigger it. Has it been changed or is this a bug?

Edit: and it has a wise nature FML
Pokemon Volt White 2 {:3}
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Posted 1 Week Ago
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3.9 Years
Hey guys, I've really been loving the hack, it's the first 3rd gen romhack I've not played in fast forward for ages. That said, I've just got to the 5th gym, and talking to Norman triggers his Wally dialogue where you have to go and catch Wally's Ralts, and after that he's stuck in the front of the gym with the rear doors locked... I'm not sure what to do about this softlock, I've tried resetting and leaving the gym a few times but the dialogue is still broken :(

I've got all 4 badges before, and I've beaten everyone in the gym. For some reason half of them think I've already beaten Norman, but I don't have the 5th badge so I can't surf and skip him or anything.

Would love if anyone could help me figure out a fix, I haven't seen anyone mention this bug before though :/
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