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Started by Sheep April 25th, 2023 10:45 PM
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The games have been out for a while now, so many players have had plenty of time to go through them and familiarize themselves with the Paldea region.

Now that they've been out for over 5 months, what would you rate these games on a scale of 1-10? Why did you give them the score you did?
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I'd rate the game an 8.

Minus points for not having a shiny sound like PLA and the level caps for accessible areas being all over the place. I like roaming around the map, but at least gyms should scale to your team highest level.

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I personally would rate it a 7/10, maybe. I'm not really too good with these types of ratings. Overall, the game was fun. Playing Pokémon in an open world without any roadblocks is like a dream come true for me. I've spend countless times exploring the world and just having a great time. I also enjoy most of the storyline as well. However, what prevents the game from being a solid 10/10 for me right now is the current lack of Pokémon HOME compatibility, small number of Pokémon in the game, various glitches, and the boxes taking forever to load the Pokémon in them, which is very annoying.

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7/10 - it's a fun and enjoyable game. However it never hooked me as much as Sword/Shield did, in which I still frequently spend time doing things, and it just needs more polish in general.
Would be an 8/10 if it would be less buggy and more polished. The slow-as-heck loading boxes in particular irritate me quite a bit.

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5/10. Very mediocre games that did little to improve upon Gen 8.

Starters on par or worse than gen 8 design-wise, but at least they have dual typings. Fully open world does not fit Pokemon, so it's obviously very botched. The gimmick of Terastallizing is also on par with Dynamaxing, both equally lame in concept but Terastallizing changes the Pokemon's typing, which at least makes it interesting for competitive use. New Pokemon were mostly disappointing this gen, with few exceptions. Paradox forms were lazy re-designs of already existing Pokemon and the fact they were post-game exclusive deducts a point as well. Story was mediocre even by modern standards, nothing that stands out, despite the 3 way branching. Probably weaker than Gen 8's. Lastly, Gen 9 continues the foolish practice of DLC expansions, which I am vehemently against, since it rarely adds anything substantial to the games that makes it worth buying and also extends their lifespan and focuses dev time on them that could instead go towards the next generation or remakes. All in all, a waste of resources over an already mediocre game.


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I have not really gotten far yet, so I'll come back and rate it again in a few months maybe, but so far I have to rate Scarlet at a... 3-4/10 maybe. It's enjoyable for sure, but the way the events are set up, the way the intro scenes were, the camera controls, the awkward movement animations, the fugly textures, the overall empty and unfinished feel to stuff like the city's stores and the sandwhich eating sequence and the overall just... Everything... Yeah no. This is a very non-polished game that should have had a year or more longer in development. Compared to Sun, which is the most recent game I played before this, Sun felt incredibly polished, well directed and good looking. And that was on the 3DS. I liked roaming the countryside and collecting pokémon, and the new species are cute and fun tbh, but everything else is incredibly meh or even bad so far. Maybe I should have gotten PLA or even Sword instead.

Hopefully I'll change my mind after having played the game more.
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I'd be inclined to give these games a 4/10, and I think that's being generous. I'm willing to allow for some growing pains, as these are the first truly open world Pokemon titles, but I don't think that really justifies the level of quality and content - or lack thereof - present in the games.

Whilst I think they realised the open world better than expected, I didn't feel like it added anything of substantial value to the gameplay: there were no meaningful sidequests, no hidden secrets to explore, no real benefit to exploration, and, as with Legends Arceus, a lot of seemingly random Pokemon placement that felt more contrived than it did organic. Having three separate storylines - and I am using that term very loosely - was a nice idea, but none of them were sufficiently fleshed-out to really leave much of an impact, so fundamentally it felt like exactly the same thing, just more segregated. I don't mind more of the same, because with Pokemon you have always gotten exactly the same thing, over and over, since the first generation. That's part of why it sells so well, part of its lasting appeal, and also why I play it: I know exactly what I'm getting myself into, and that's comforting in a lot of ways. I know that regardless of whatever gripes I have, whatever improvements could be made, I'm guaranteed a minimum level of enjoyment, and that's a valuable thing to have these days with so many games on the market, and so many high-profile titles turning out to be colossal disappointments. But the fact remains that Game Freak can and should do better.

Within the confines of the franchise, I think that Scarlet and Violet are another case of "one step forward, five steps back" because they took a good, positive step forward by allowing players more freedom of movement, but it came at far too high a cost, and a lot of the features incorporated into and lessons learned from Legends Arceus were completely discarded. In a lot of ways that freedom also worked against the games, because with three under-developed separate pathways it felt as though the game lacked focus, and the lack of reward for exploration only made them feel that much emptier and awkward. Comparing them with other games available on the market, they're so far behind that it's appalling that they were released in the state they're in. These look and feel like PS2-era titles from small third-party developers who jumped on the bandwagon to try and exploit the current trends with no understanding of how they work, not current generation titles from one of the most well-known and successful developers in the industry who have popularised and still own an entire genre that has sparked the creation of numerous titles that are not even half as successful even though they are hundreds of times better than anything Game Freak has put out this generation.

These games are like the cheap, store-brand junk "food" that you can buy: you know how bad it is compared to literally everything else on the market, but you get a warped enjoyment out of eating it anyway because you just want that food and you don't care how bad it is as long as it's the food you want and it has a taste approximating what you want. As long as you don't stop to look at what is actually in it and just how bad it really is, it's fine. You can pretend, whilst you're eating it, that its gourmet quality, not barely edible garbage. But, in this analogy...these games are just a little bit past their expiration date. But the flavour is still there.
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I'd say a 9.

Despite their performance issues and glitches, Scarlet and Violet are still really good games that raised the bar even higher (if not quite to Legends Arceus' level). The world itself is very fun and engrossing to explore, the plot is the best in the franchise since BW, and the various QoL improvements made a huge difference (although I am kind of pissed that TMs aren't infinite anymore).


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I'd say a 6-7/10. So, since the game has been announced I haven't had the usual hype, which happened for the first time. The game itself is not that bad, but imo it lacks something.
The plot is not bad, but obviously introducing the concept of time-traveling without giving a look at the past lore disappoints me. But GF kinda does that with every game. It feels like it resets everything every time.
I also got to say that cities and towns are really anonymous to me, like they have nothing special and I have nothing that makes me remember them. They almost have no purpose.
Terastalized Raids are way less fun that Dynamax ones and are too confused imo.
That said, I really liked the characters, even though some designs weren't too incredible.
But overall, very nice stories and well written characters, which is something that GF sometimes doesn't really care of.
The whole school theme in the entire game wasn't really my favourite.
Most of new Pokemon designs leave me neutral.
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I recently replaced BDSP and while those games aren't great, it's shocking a) how much harder the E4 is in that game, lol @ leaving Glimmora for last and b) how much stuff there is to do post game. This is where SV really bothers me. I can deal with the performance issues, I love the open world, I even like the story progression. I always thought the idea of a 10 year old kid owning the thing that created the entire world so he could beat up bug catcher Jimmy's caterpie to be a bit silly, so I like that they made this game's "team rocket" misunderstood rather than evil. I like both main legendaries, and I like that they are just powerful but regular pokemon lost in time.

But man, once you're done the game, it's either PvP or redoing the academy ace tourney for money, and waiting for the next tera raid weekend. There just isn't much of anything. So 6/10.