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Posted April 1st, 2019
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Hi guys, just a random idea and a bit of fun.

Anyways, You're in the pokemon world as an elite special operative of the government. Calamities are happening left and right. Groups like Team Rocket, Galactic, and so on are threatening millions with their schemes. Natural disasters are happening left and right. The nations of the world have spared no expense, collecting rare and powerful pokemon all over the world. You have access to many legendary pokemon that people would only dream of, but you can only choose 6.
  • Threats include Meteors, Natural disasters, legendary pokemon and pokemon hordes, terrorism, environmental disasters, and any other event/foe you can think of.
  • Try to balance your team to take on a variety of challenges and support eachother well.
  • No Arceus, no more than one of any legendary/ultra beast.
  • Be realistic, you'll have to get around the world quickly and may need to split up your team. pokemon with information gathering abilities may prove useful.

Sample team:


Rayquaza protects the world from Meteors and atmospheric threats, as well as being the first response to Groudon and Kyogre. As Mega Rayquaza, it becomes even stronger, being the last resort for the toughest of foes including Arceus, Girantina, the Primals, and ultra beasts.


Deoxys is a versatile pokemon, able to travel around the world extremely quickly in it's speed form, gathering information and being able to outpace many fast and flying threats. It can also assist Mega Rayquaza in space. Lastly it's abilities lend it well to counter-terrorism, search and rescue, and other operations.

Zygarde complete

Zygarde Complete form is an incredibly strong pokemon, towering in the sky and able to take on many strong pokemon such as Zekrom, Reshiram, Ultra beasts, and so on. It is also highly in tune with the environment, and has strong information gathering abilities as the protector of the ecosystem.


Lugia is the guardian of the sea, protecting the coastlines from flood/hurricanes with it's devastatingly powerful wings (it can litteraly cause a 40 day storm and rip buildings apart with the windforce alone). Can also help nations affected by drought and aid in battle against land based threats, as well as telepathy, helping to communicate with Deoxys and the rest of the team. Lugia has shown the ability to talk, meaning it is extremely intelligent and possibly helping in convincing terrorists. Lastly it would be the primary method of travel for getting around the world, as you can ride on it's back.

Xerneas Among the deadliest threats in the pokemon world is Yvetal, able to inflict catastrophic damage to entire nations by absorbing all life around it. Xerneas is suited to dealing with Yvetal and has a favourable matchup against many of the strong legendaries such as Latios, Latias, Palkia, the sacred sword beasts, and so on. Lastly it has healing abilities for restoring injured people/pokemon.


Regigigas rounds off the team with it's raw power, having moved the continents long ago. With it's brute strength and endurance, this pokemon would have a logistics role moving heavy equipment into position, as well as helping to hold off powerful opponents until the rest of the team can respond.

Can't wait to see your responses guys!
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Posted May 12th, 2019
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First member of the team
Why gengar, you may ask? Well, he has always been one of the best ghost type pokemon, and considering the fact he can keep pace with legendaries like rayquaza, he can be a true powerhouse against terrorist organisations, and rogue legendaries like mewtwo.
Second member
With giratina's ability to transport people to the distortion world, he could be detrimental to saving people from terrorist attacks by transporting them to his dimension, until the area is safe. He could also do the same to terrorist organisations too, and keep them there, essentially making them new inhabitants of the zone, similar to Archie's sonic the hedgehog comics dimension, the twilight cage.
Third member
With the ability to see all of history, even if it hasn't occurred yet, Xatu can be detrimental in preparing the world for disasters that are about to happen, and will be able to stop it from happening, as long as everybody cooperates. Not only that, it has the ability to use fly, making it detrimental for transport.
Fourth member
Now, why would I choose shuckle? It's because he is the sturdiest pokemon of them all! Not only that, if you have a single shuckle, you can command your shuckle to command multiple wild ones, as confirmed by orm of team rocket (pokemon adventures volume 23) essentially allowing you to create a bunker for people who couldn't escape to the distortion world with giratina.
Fifth member
While yes, this pokemon is highly dangerous, with the power to wipe out entire cities in a rage, and even more in its mega form, this could come with some use. Say, a meteor were to hit a city, a gyarados would have the power to minimise the damage caused by the meteor, and other team members could take care of the shrapnel to at least make sure as much damage to the cities is avoided
Sixth member
Same deal as gengar and xatu, but with an added 5000 IQ, meaning it can think of a way to neutralise a threat without the risk of injuring the populace, making sure you can always find a way to win against the common or uncommon enemy. Not only this, but he is the strongest psychic pokemon, and the ability to teleport, giving you even more options in protecting the civilians from danger.

Quick side note though to all you people who want to make one of these, it took me a good hour to think of all this from the top of my head, but it's still fun to think up of all this. Try it out!
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Didn't spend too much time on this because there are so many "what if?" scenarios that could play out, but the first 6 that I figured could be really useful are:

Dialga (able to control the flow of time, including stopping it completely)
Rayquaza (lives on the edge of space, and is able to patrol the earth and skies at the same time)
Xerneas (is capable of giving life energy to those who have fallen)
Uxie (probably the most intelligent of any Pokemon past or present)
Deoxys (a powerful alien space virus with the ability to swap between different powerful forms)
Smeargle (a literal blank canvas that can learn any move from any Pokemon)


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6 Wobbuffet because Counter and Mirror Coat can deflect anything going for Earth. I'll just have to place them in good places to protect as much as possible.


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Posted August 3rd, 2019
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Jirachi, Arceus, Alola Raichu, Sky Shaymin, Tapu Koko, Mew (or maybe better yet; Togekiss or Blissey? Maybe these two over shaymin and mew??).

This team would be easy to protect to world with for me :3

Seriously though alola raichu+tapu koko.........serge surfer is your best friend :P
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I'd likely choose a team similar to the one in the OP.

Now, if you had said "non-legendaries only", things would have been a bit more interesting :D
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Posted April 24th, 2019
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I would choose my team for their practicality of being able to stop this apocalypse.

1. Absol- I mean, it would be able to foretell when each stage of the apocalypse will happen, the start, the meteors, the next legend to wreak havoc, and so on.

2. Noivern- I will likely need to be able to travel quickly in the air, and also be able to be effective against the time-space trio since they would possibly the most destructive.

3. Silvally- Silvally is basically a pokemon version of robo-godzilla, but for arceus instead. Arceus would be the most destructive force by far in this scenario so Silvally and the next pokemon I mention will be very useful.

4. Necrozma (Ultra)- I firmly believe that if it came down to it, there is only 2 pokemon that can fully defeat Arceus, Ultra Necrozma, and a full alphabet of Unown, and since I can only take 6 pokemon, well the Unown are out of the question.

5. Celebi- If I mess p, I can just go back in time to try again.

6. Omastar- All Praise Lord Helix!


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honestly, same with the OP. :p except i'd go for celebi than deoxys for a chance to reset.



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That's a lot of threats to prepare for. It kinda encourages the use of legendaries. However, I don't know if using legendaries too much is the way to go. I could see them go against each other due to their pride. Last thing I need is them fighting each other while the world goes down.

I also think that 6 is not enough. If I were to send them to missions I'd never let them go alone. Teams of two are the minimum, but that also restricts things to a maximum of three teams. But even with more than six, there's be way too many Pokemon I'd like to choose.

Team I'd settle for now:
Celebi: time travel, close to the earth and all living things (for rebuilding damaged nature), telepathy
Gardevoir: protective force, healer, telepathic relay, teleporter
Phione: resident of the sea
Skarmory: resident of the sky, flying fortress
Camerupt: resident of fire, tank, transporter, heater
Blissey: backup, support, healer

My team is not about fighting force with force. It's about support and to rally up those who want to protect the planet. Saving the planet is not a matter of legendaries solving our problems by force. Everyone has to work together.


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Posted May 9th, 2019
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Easy mode:

Metagross (transport, computing, firepower, mega-evolving potential, overall boss)
4 cutemon such as bulbasaur, spheal, pichu, stufful

Use one of jirachi's wishes to get rid of all the problems in the OP, play with cutemon and explore world on metagross

If that's not an option then I'm going off the assumption that the legendaries I don't pick are automatically my enemies. Quickly here's a list of big roadblocks:

- Arceus. Godmon with total control over 18 types will be the final boss
- The gen 4 box legends can mess with time/space or drag you into a different dimension altogether
- Yvetal can absorb life force directly which isn't really counterable w/o Xerneas on your team otherwise you're now on an incredibly short timer on top of your other problems
- Enviromental Control. You do not want to be fighting in a clear enviroment one second right before primal kyogre pops up and threatens to drown the city you're in.

so for my team of 6 w/ legends allowed:

Rayquaza gives me ultimate enviromental nulification, aiding in stopping the primals and dealing with any other problems such as sandstorms, typhoons etc. It's a form of transport that can carry a lot of people and is one of the only things I can feasibly see standing up to Arceus in direct combat.
Xerneas grants new life to things and is my direct response to the bs I have to deal with from Yvetal
Deoxys can split itself up and has 3 specialized forms which makes deciding on group pairings that bit easier. not a pushover in battle
This is cheating but Hoopa-Unbound can pull in recruitments from other universes to help out with whatever problem I'm dealing with and has been shown to be able to summon multiple legendaries at once which is handy for my "stop the gen 4 legends" phase
Lugia can learn teleport for quick transportation, deal with weather-related issues that raquaza isn't around to deal with, can fly and communicate with humans to share and relay information. Being the master of the 3 elemental birds it could possibly recruit them over to help, which is a big help. 9 mons are better than 3
Blissey is my most important member after Ray as the team cleric and is vital for dealing with the human fallout from all this destruction. Softboiled and Armoatherapy help calm everyone down,heal them completely and to co-operate it can produce eggs for eating as a food source, it actually learns counter and light screen for partial defense, block + gravity can immobilize low-med lv threats, it has a immense amount of utility.

Banning legends and making them all hostile means i'm focusing on support and longevity >>>>> fighting. There's way too much to cover and no point even attempting to fight vs arceus/primals/mega ray and pals but I might want to go for something like this:

Gengar: Moves through shadows so great for night time and stealth, can fly and carry a few people, tricky and strong with suicide tactics in explosion/destiny bond/grudge if need be. potential to mega-evolve
Blissey: Same as before
Volcarona: Can fly. Strong, heat source. Access to silk from string shot can be useful in traps or holding things together.
Meganium: "Meganium's breath has the power to revive dead grass and plants. It can make them healthy again." Also gets healer-friendly options in synthesis and aromatherapy and grassy terrain.
Gardevoir: Similar reasons as Seliph. Team lacks teleporters and communicators which she provides as well as healing (heal bell, heal pulse, wish), and amazing support moves for offense or defense (misty terrain, hypnosis, mean look, ally switch, all 3 rooms, encore, disable etc). Part fairy means i fear dragons less, can mega evolve.
Swampert: Can deal with multiple terrains, can sense when storms are coming which could act as a kyogre/lugia radar, strong, immune to electric, damp nulifies random explosions which would actually be a massive help, can mega evolve and use heavy downfall to its advantage.

Altaria, Blastoise, A-Ninetales, Muk, Rotom, Heliolisk, Manetric, Zoroark, Metagross, Salamence, Garchomp and a few others could've fit into the team too, there's a lot of room to play around here!


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A Pocket Dimension
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Posted July 30th, 2019
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My team:
- Rayquaza (Can stop meteors, weather, etc.)
- Xatu (Ability to see the future is nice.)
-Hoopa (Can access different dimensions YES also very adorable)
- Gengar (really powerful)
- Audino (Healer)
- Litwick (My favorite Pokémon. Also can suck the life force out of someone and drag them into the Spirit World.)

[Side Note: If anybody gets the Gengar/Audino thing, you're amazing.]
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