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What did you think of the Pokémon GO-esque catching mechanics in the Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee games? Good or bad? Would you be interested in another game with a similar gameplay style?


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Posted January 27th, 2022
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it's a good style, but not for a core game. I'd honestly call it a spinoff solely because of that. Pokémon being shiny in the wild are a huge plus for me though. they shiny lock legendaries to prevent them being different in cutscenes compared to battle, but normal colored mons walk around the grass and boom, now the rattata is yellow?


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I quite disliked it personally. But my nephew fell wildly in love with it and vastly prefers it over the other Pokemon Games.

Like AGraveDigger said, I think it's fine as a Spin Off Game, but I dislike that they choose to Remake Firered like this, meaning that when I want to experience Kanto again, the best way remains Firered.

Granted this is alleviated by the fact Firered is also the games I've played the most rom hacks, and games like Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

I do think that this could prove more popular among children than the original formula if my nephew is any indication.
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Posted March 12th, 2022
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Pokémon Let’s Go’s gameplay style was a huge miss for me. I only recently got the game like a few weeks ago and I was extremely disappointed. As soon as I realized that I could only play with one joy-con when the Switch was docked, I instantly wanted to return it to Walmart. Even worse, when I realized that no wild Pokémon battles existed, I was even more furious. It seemed like Pokémon Let’s Go tried to hard to turn Pokémon Go into a main series game, which ruined the experience for me. I never cared for Pokémon Go in the first place and I only really play it today seldomly just to help store more Pokémon in Pokémon HOME. Because of that, Pokémon HOME game me a Melmetal with pretty much perfect IVs. I was disappointed because Let’s Go had the potential to be a great game. They introduced some really cool features such as Pokémon appearing in the overworld, being able to ride some Pokémon, and having them walk with you, but it was ruined by terrible controls and the removal of various features that defined Pokémon and made it great.