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Started by Volga December 5th, 2014 4:48 PM
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Is this thread still alive?
If yes, I'd like to sign up!
Username: TheAuraGuardian
Version: FireRed
Single/Ultimate: Single (for now)
Optional: Nickname all mons
Shiny Clause
Duplicate Clause

I've tried these earlier but haven't properly finished one, I hope to do that this time.
Currently in Viridian
Current Team:
Toad/Bulbasaur Lv. 9
Bird/Pidget Lv. 9

Rat/Rattata Lv. 3 (Died to Rival Battle near Viridian City)


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Username: ZeoStar
Version: Dark Rising
Single/Ultimate: Single
Optional: Nickname
Shiny Clause
Duplicate Clause

This probably isn't a great idea. If I pass even the first gym I'll consider it an accomplishment.

Edit: Dead at the first gym.

Level 20 Heatmore with drought set up with Fire Punch and Thunder Punch killed my entire team. That was brutal. -_-

I may still try this game on a non nuzlocke

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Username: Kung Fu Ferret
Single/Ultimate: Single
Version: Fool's Gold (ROM hack of Crystal with different typed versions of all Pokemon out of the first 251)
Nicknaming theme will be SMITE gods, also Dupes Clause is always in effect, blacking/whiting out is a game over, shiny clause (because, shiny odds are significantly higher than they normally are, in this hack), and this last rule is a bit of a mercy rule due to some of the difficult battles... Instead of having being only able to faint once, each Pokemon will have 3 "Lives".
I will roll a six-sided die to determine my starter.
1 or 2 = Chikorita (Fighting)
3 or 4 = Cyndaquil (Ice)
5 or 6 = Totodile (Flying)
I rolled a 4... Cyndaquil it is!
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Looking like the threads still up- Sign me up too! :>

Username: DyingWillFlareon
Version: Blue
Single/Ultimate?: Single!

Additional rules-
* Dupes clause always in effect
* Shiny clause- JK im playing blue :(
* No hacks for trades: I won't be evolving my eventual inevitable Graveler :')
* Food themed names, because I'm not that creative with names!.....

Update 1:
Got my Squirtle Blueberry, and headed off to grind him and get teammates. We caught Shortcake the Pidgey and Yew (technically its a berry!) the NidoranF. Thankfully we managed to fight my rival Felix with very little trouble.

Going in to the forest we also caught Sushi the Caterpie who quickly evolved into a beautiful Butterfree, and Lettuce the Kakuna who is going straight to the box for now lol.

After intense training we head for Brock...


I wanted to rely on Blueberry for this and not take any risks just for training purposes. So in 4 turns exactly, he drowned both of Brock's pokemon. Lol get rekt.

Traveling onward we caught Wheat the Spearow, bought Taiyaki the Magikarp, and Cookie the Zubat, all boxed for now. Blueberry and Yew also evolved during training, and soon so did Shortcake.

Unfortunately a Rocket grunt got a crit Hyper Fang on Sushi, so we must say farewell friend...

Going into Cerulean, we caught...a Rattata finally. Im still a bit salty about that other Rattata but Banana will serve us well.

After some training we went to Nugget Bridge and fought Felix- what a disaster. I'm surprised we all made it out alive, man... Thankfully in the end everyone did survive, but it was a wakeup call that we should keep training. Going on past him, we managaed to catch the elusive Abra, amazing.. Who then joined our team and been dubbed Latte and evolved into Kadabra while Banana evolved into Raticate.

Her battle went... Pretty similar to Felix's. At first, Latte managed to shoot down her Staryu, but after a hard hit from her Starmie we had to recuperate and switch out. I already forgot but I know we used a defense lowering attack to deflect her Defense Up, so either Blueberry or Banana tanked her out slowly.

With another messy victory, we marched on towards Vermillion, catching Tuna the Meowth on the way. We also caught a Diglett named Choco Pie in Diglett Tunnel, and thats where we stopped last. Time to train for the next gym.

Update 2:
We continue on to the SS Anne to train, and go the wrong way into an accidental Felix battle. Thankfully, we managed to push him back somehow just fine. Taking our prize, we left to get our next catch, a Sandshrew named Veal who used Dig for us, and straight to the gym.
With Choco Pie's Dig, we made his gym a joke in just a few turns. With relief, we head on to get to Rock Tunnel.
Along the way we also miss a catch, snag a Geodude named Rocky Road(again Im very creative), and a Vulpix named Flambe (that counts right?). Choco Pie also evolves om the way.
Going straight from Lavender Town to Celadon, we also grab the Eevee named Cream and rush at the Rocket Hideout to grind and clear them out. Again, Choco Pie Digs through all of Giovsnni's pokemon and it was kinda funny honestly.
Moving forward again we run to Erika's gym.
Honestly, Latte destroys almost all the trainers himself with Psybeam. He takes out all the poison types, and Yew gets the Tangela, with Shortcake getting the Exeggcute a trainer had.
Moving on, we do the Lavender Tower next, getting lucky with a Cubone catch. I named him Raspberry and planned as a backup teammate already. We get through with little problem, althought it was difficult as Choco Pie was the only one fighting for the most part. Everyone else either had only Normal moves, Poison which did nothing against the Poison/Ground types, Latte was overleveled from the last gym and would only be backup, and Blueberry kept getting hit too hard and taking too many turns to beat the opponent without getting paralyzed. Thankfully we again make it through safely and talk to Mr Fuji.
We head on with the Poke Flute to get our Snorlax named Marshmello(w), yeah turns out the name is too long. ^^;; We also get Peas the Bellsprout. Anyway, unfortunately that "backup" plan I had happened too soon... Choco Pie was hit by a crit from a trainer's Fearow, and replaced with Raspberry, who had to train quickly on the route's poison trainers. He quickly evolved and caught up thankfully.
We get to Fushia and make our way fast through the Safari Zone to get Surf, and the teeth for Strength, giving them to Blueberry and Raspberry respectively. In the Safari Zone, we lost an Exeggcute catch, then proceeded to accidentally button spam catch 2 NidoranFs and a Paras. (Obviously they wont be used.) We also nab a Doduo named Rotisserie. Less thankfully, was the next gym.
Most of his trainers are psychic users, making his gym harder to get through. Eventually we can make it to him with several trips back to the Pokecenter. While Yew, Latte, and Raspberry take turns, Raspberry tries to quickly end the battle against his Weezing with Bone Rush, but he was just too slow and not strong enough to finish it off, ending up in the crit Selfdestruct I was afraid of.
We take our badge and bury our next friend, taking time now to decide who to join next...

Update 3:
A warning, I forgot a lot of my catches this round and missed a couple Tentacool in areas because I wasnt paying attention, oops. But theyre there in my pc and heart.
We head on, adding Cream to the team and immediately evolving him to Jolteon. He gets trained up and we go on-

Only for Shortcake to meet an untimely demise...
Quietly, I have to find a team replacement in Rotisserie the Doduo. We get him also trained up, and he immediately dies to a Rocket grunt in Saffron....
This is getting hard.
I entirely forget until now that I still had a Flying type in Wheat the Spearow, and add Flambe the Vulpix instead, which turns out so far to be a good move. After getting Flamethrower, she also evolves into Nintales. Along with some training, Blueberry also finally evolves into Blastoise, and Yew into a Nidoqueen finally.
The Rocket takeover goes about as well as planned- I wandered around for half an hour until I accidentally ran into my rival. At least this time I had the team healed up and ready lol. All of his pokemon go down in one or two hits, Im very happy with my good mons.
We also beat the gym- the Fighting Dojo i mean. Very easy. On to the "gym gym".
While her trainers gave us a little trouble here amd there, we had no casualties and made it pretty quickly. Switching in physically strong teammates like Banana and Flambe helped us get the badge in no time without any scares surprisingly.

Even more onward, we go back to Fushia to surf to Cinnabar since we're nearby- Until I realized we have to go through Seafoam Islands. Nah.
We head back to Pallet Town quickly. After a surf down we reach Cinnabar safely. I also surprise myself getting through the mansion so quickly... Welp time to go.
The coolest Kanto gym leader and nothing you say will change my mind otherwise.
For the most part, Flambe and Blueberry take on his trainers, I ace the quizes ofc (expect button mashing the Poliwag one oops-) but want that exp.
For Blaine himself, Blueberry's Surf and Yew's Earthquake squash his little team, and we got that shiny badge.

And yet onward again...
Without any hesitation or anything in our way(besides the Cinnabar Mart) we run up to Viridian!
A quick run through lets us drown and psyche out the opponents, reaching Giovanni quickly. Again, Yew Earthquakes his first Rhyhorn, then Blueberry drowns the rest. Final badge acquired.

So far the Gym leaders have all been fairly easy... The only one giving me real trouble was Misty, and Koga to an extent (mostly bc of Self Destruct fear). While its nice that we got so far, I also sort of hope the League has some more challenge.

Finally, we head off into Victory Road. Right after one last battle with Felix. It doesn't go very badly at all, so we heal up and march on. Running in we take quite a while to figure out the layout of the cave, missing our catches of an Onix and a Ditto (outside) but thats ok we've already gone this far and wont need anyone else.
Despite the time it took and a severe lack of insight on my part for stocking up on potions, we make it through just fine and alive. Everyone gets up to level 44, we buy like 30 Full Restores, and head off.
We already struggle, her Dewgong already roughing Blueberry up, but with some patience Blueberry switches and gets Cream out to electrocute them all. With a couple more swaps we struggle our way through.
Ok this was a freaking joke everyone died in one hit. Next pls m8
We only had a litrle trouble with her, mostly because she kept switching her Gengar in and out. But we got to Psychic and otherwise destroy her with a lot of our own switching.
I don't think Im allowed to use the words I want to use here. First, we start off ok. No worse than before. Then, his first stupid Dragonair crit kills Cream with a Hyper Beam (seriously, does Hyper Beam even need a crit??). Then Blueberry gets the same treatment from the Aerodactyle. Then Latte against his next Dragonair. Then Banana at his Dragonite. Flambe barely manages to finish off his Dragonaire with a Quick Attack. Meaning we now only have two teammates to fight Felix with.
We start out with Yew, who barely survives his Pidgeot, only to get a crit kill against his Alakazam. Flambe goes out to avenge her sister, but sadly gets taken out after a couple turns as well, almost defeating the Alakazam but ending with her hurting herself in sudden confusion from that turn.
So easily beaten.

Well, Ive been sadly listening to In The End and reflecting on this journey. What Ive learned is that Gen 1's crits are even more flawed than I realized, and that I should really level up before the League. Welp, I'm gunna go cry and probably redo that battle unofficially to feel better. But for now, Flare and her team are signing off.

Final Party:

Sushi the Butterfree
Choco Pie the Dugtrio
Raspberry the Marowak
Shortcake the Squashy Pidgeotto
Rotisserie the Dodrio
Cream the Jolteon
Blueberry the Blastoise
Latte the Kadabra
Banana the Raticate
Yew the Nidoqueen
Flambe the Nintales

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Emerald Nuzlocke, Team After First gym!

Team After 3 gyms!

Team After 5 Gyms!

Team after 6 Gyms!

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Game Set match, Lost only 3 pokes all game and all 3 were just getting smushed by OP opponents. Didn't realise Gyarados would out speed Magneton because I'm a derp.

Zap Braff's Moveset and Level I put in as an honor thing because he did a lot of work.
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This is my first post in this forum, and I've expressed interest in performing a nuzlocke, for the first time. I certainly hope to be able to see how far I can get. So here is my submission form.

Username: superherokid
Version: Leaf Green, Soul Silver, Ruby, Diamond, White 2, Y, Ultra Sun
Single/Ultimate?: Ultimate. I know half the games I couldn't finish, but that's part of the challenge.
Extra Rules: *Must nickname all pokemon
*Duplicate clause
*Shiny clause (But cannot use unless it's the first pokemon caught in a region)

I'll see how far I can go. I've tried a monotype challenge with my brother, the only pokemon other than the type being HM slaves, in Fire Red. Let's see what's going to happen.
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Just started the challenge!

I began my journey, and beat my rival! Went to catch all the pokemon I can at that point, and I am currently training them. After 30 minutes, here are my first ones.

Jetstream (Squirtle) Lv 11
Nutty (Rattata) Lv 6
Spearow (Accidentally pushed cancel on the option to nickname. Oops!) Lv 6
Skye (Pidgey) Lv 6
Buzz Buzz (Weedle) Lv 5

I haven't yet beaten my rival west of Viridian City. I need to make sure I can take him down, and tear up his pokemon, easily. So I'm working to grind, to ensure that my Pokemon can survive. I've seen some Nuzlocke videos where someone has half his team below level 8 when they fight the rival in Cerulean city. I don't want that to be me.

I don't want my beloved Pokemon to die! Let's go! *insert Viridian City them song*
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Just beat Brock, in grand style.

Unfortunately, I lost Buzz Buzz while training outside of Viridian City.

Here is my team, about to tackle Route 3 and Mount Moon.

Guess that's what happens when you name a Weedle after a character in Earthbound that dies in the beginning.

Just a piece of advice: In a Nuzlocke... Don't get greedy.

Jetstream (Wartortle) Lv 19
Spearow (set to be renamed later) Lv 15
Skye (Pidgey) Lv 15
Nutty (Rattata) Lv 15

List of the deceased

Buzz Buzz (Kakuna) Lv 7 (Getting greedy during training to a Rattata outspeeding me, for the first time in the fight)
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New Update!

I've arrived at Mount Moon, and after a respite to make sure my new friends are up to date, I am here with the update!

Jetstream: (Wartortle) Lv 26
Spearow (To be Renamed) Lv 17
Skye (Pidgey) Lv 17
Nutty (Rattata) Lv 17
And newcomers
Lola (Nidorina) Lv 17
The Rock (Geodude) Lv 17

In the box
Fishsticks (Magicarp) Lv 5

Buzz Buzz (Kakuna) Lv 7

I am keeping Fishsticks in the PC so that he can be an extra backup surf slave. I will also keep an eye on both Skye and Spearow so that I can keep an extra Fly slave. Although my list of Cut able pokemon aren't as present. I maybe only have Nutty and Lola. I was going to keep Buzz Buzz for such a task, but alas, it was not meant to be.
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Made it out of Mt Moon, got past the Rival and Nugget Bridge. No casualties to date now. And I lucked out with an Abra! Had three weedles show up on route 25, then got the Bellsprout.

Here's my fresh team

Jetstream (Wartortle) Lv 30
Lola (Nidorina) Lv 17
Skye (Pidgey) Lv 17
The Rock (Geodude) Lv 17
Mindwave (Abra) Lv 13
Pepper (Bellsprout) Lv 13

Fishsticks (Magikarp) Lv 5
Mankey (Another cancel click. Oops!) Lv 10
Spearow (Hehehhe...) Lv 17
Nutty (Rattata) Lv 17

Buzz Buzz (Kakuna) Lv 7

Things are looking great here. Got an extra water and flying type to help out with Surf and Fly if something happens to Skye or Jetstream.

Although I'll need a bit more training for my team to be able to manage enemy threats.