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i swear i haven't used the master ball since the bw days, or heck maybe even dppt/hgss. i just prefer my mons be caught with other things @[email protected] anyone else not like it or is it just me


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These days I just don't see a reason to use the master ball, but I've never not liked its colors?? I don't know, I've never really thought about the master ball.
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it doesn't aesthetically match a lot of pokemon and then like the ones it does match are usually hilariously easy to catch and you wouldn't wanna waste something like that on it. so i'm'll Pass
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It isn't the aesthetics for me. It's the fact that anything is possible to catch without it. I don't even think legendary Pokemon are challenging to battle, with a couple exceptions. Like Mewtwo or Rayquaza. But if my party isn't threatened, I'm probably not using the Masterball.

However, there are those few legendary Pokemon that flee. I usually try and conserve it for them.
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I think it looks fine, but I too haven't used it or even been excited to get it since Gen V. I only ever used it to catch legendaries because in my mind it was like, "this is what I have to do." But then I realized I never use legendaries on my team nor have much interest in them and for some reason it didn't even dawn on me to just catch a regular pokemon with it.


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The design isn't fantastic - although it's still better than some, like the Heavy, Fast, Level, Lure, Luxury, and Repeat Balls - but I don't use the Master Ball much these days because I don't really need to...and I tend to save it just in case I do need it. Legendaries these days don't usually have an obscenely low catch rate like they used to (at least, I don't think they do...maybe I've been getting lucky?) but with things like roaming Legendaries I just cannot be bothered, so it's faster and easier to just throw the thing at them. I'm only out for dex completion anyway so it doesn't matter what I catch them in when I'll just box them and forget about it. xD


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Poke Ball aesthetics aren't really something I consider much when catching Pokemon, so that's never stopped me from using the Master Ball. The only reason I don't use it is so I can guarantee a catch on something like a random shiny Pokemon. That's why I haven't used the Master Ball since I found a shiny Ducklett in White (and the only other time I've seen a shiny in the wild since then was a Vulpix in LGE before I got the Master Ball, so a Premier Ball did the trick).


the dream world
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it's becoming more of a thing where i kind of go out of my way to avoid using the master ball as much as possible. i like having it as a sort of trophy of sorts. considering it's very possible that i can catch legendaries in literally any other kind of pokeball ever (with a bit of luck and some strategy), i don't really feel compelled anymore to use the master ball.
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