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Started by colours August 1st, 2019 11:30 PM
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If there's one thing that really, really peeves me that isn't Dexit, it's the amount of pandering given to the same, what, four Pokémon? Charizard, Pikachu, Eevee, and Meowth are getting all the love for no reason I can consider sensible. Yes, they're fan favorites, but that doesn't mean you should shoehorn some weird new form with them, Game Freak. Other Pokémon exist.

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Never liked Charizard. Never will.

One thing I've never really liked is the idea of keeping track of items that are out of reach in earlier areas because you don't have the necessary mechanism to get it yet (HMs, Ride Pokemon, Mach/Acro Bike, etc.) It's one thing if it's gatekeeping like a super powerful Pokemon (like Volcarona, a mythical/legendary) or some plot-related whatever (rare as they are), but if you're purposely hiding the TM for Earthquake in that little cave next to the first gym behind like 3 HMs and a Strength boulder puzzle....lmao
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My biggest pet peeve right now is actually one that many would very strongly disagree with.
I’m starting to see a trend in the main line series Pokémon games that makes it quite clear to me that the kind of games that Gamefreak want to make are “Pokémon anime simulator” type games.

While I don’t have a problem with this concept in concept I believe that this kind of “bringing the anime into the games” should be kept for side games like colosseum or battle revolution.

The main line series definitely should and needs to evolve (desperately), but I don’t personally want it evolving into “anime simulator”

My other big pet peeves include SwSh having the worst plot of any of the mainline games.

SwSh’s new Pokémon designs... I’ve noticed something with this one though that I think can explain why I don’t like Gen 8’s designs and so many others do.
I explained it to my friend (who loves the new designs) like this.
These new designs look stupid and goofy, and you either find that charming (lovable idiot kind of way) or annoying and I land strongly in the latter.

And lastly, Dynamaxing will never touch mega evo’s
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I was very disappointed with a lot of Sword/Shields' Pokemon designs, because most of them don't feel like real Pokemon designs. A lot of them look like they should be part of a different game series entirely
for example, Mr. Rime looks more like a Kirby or Mario character than a Pokemon!
I've seen fakemon designs that embodied the Pokemon aesthetic far better than this.

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As despicable a character as Hop is, he's not a anomaly or an exception to the rule - he's only the latest in a line of horribly-written Pokemon "rivals."

Why do late-game trainers continue to seem allergic to the idea of carrying 5 or 6 Pokemon with them? Y'all are among the strongest trainers in the region, and y'all only have two or three Pokemon?

Excessive Red, Pikachu, and now Charizard pandering. At the very least, one of them didn't make it into Sw/Sh.

Specific to Sw/Sh, I didn't appreciate having to have to wear horrendous looking uniforms, instead of my much better-looking custom outfit, for things like "important" Gym battles and simply riding the bike.

In general, increased hand-holding, more linear progression with less exploration, and dumbing down of the plot/story.

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Let's see, let's see, things to pick apart about Sword/Shield that someone hasn't already said yet...

The fact Game Freak included a Cutscene Skip option that only works for cinematics and not the dialogue that stops you every five steps is up there, but something irks me even more.

Continued Kanto Bias for Galarian/Regional Forms. I loved Alolan Forms last Gen and, after getting the hype sucked right out of me following E3, the announcement of Galarian Forms honestly intrigued me again. But the amount of new Galarian Forms is... well, not bad, but still disappointingly low. Only 13 new forms, but 6 new Pokemon that are exclusive evolutions of Galarian forms... however. 6/13 of the new forms and 3/6 of the new evolutions are Kanto mons. Combined, 9/19 or 47.37% of the new regional mons are Kanto-based. And on top of that, one of those new forms/evolutions is Meowth, who already got an Alolan form last gen, and whose base form is getting a Gigantamax form this gen. I don't want no Kanto mons to get regional forms, but GF needs to step off the gas on the Kanto machine and give more of the limelight to the other 18 or so years of their franchise. 2 got one form and one evolution, 3 got two forms and one evolution, 5 got 4 forms and one new evolution. 4, 6, and 7 didn't even get table scraps.
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