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Pokemon typings that make no sense

Started by PageEmperor 1 Week Ago 2:34 AM
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What are some typings on certain mons that just baffles you? Also unrelated, but a revived thread, because apparently you all think that random happyhappyjoyjoy stuff is more interesting than an actual discussion.

Lucario - Easily THE typing that makes the least sense, why steel? I know it has steel spikes, but many non metal types have steel spikes too! I seriously can’t think of a logical reasoning to why this thing is part Steel.

Emboar - No explanation needed, it should be like Fire/Rock instead.

Kommo-o Line - Can’t exactly see how it’s part Fighting. Looks more Psychic or Steel.

Palkia and Lugia - I presume it’s because space flows like water and Lugia basically uses Psychic powers to generate water powers but still.

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I understand Emboar not exactly looking like a Fire/Fighting type, but where does Fire/Rock come in? If it’s typing had to be changed, I’d say Fire/Dark would make more sense.

I think the biggest victims of mistypings are some of the fossils. A lot of them don’t even look part Rock type, only ones that do would be the Gen 4 ones imo. Amaura/Aurorus is the biggest victim of this, as not only do they not look like a Rock type, pairing it with its more faithful Ice typing makes it cripplingly weak to six types, two of which do 4x damage. Has it almost as bad as Parasect.


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when i was a kind and saw Groudon for the first time i actually thought it was a Fire type for obvious reasons and it took me a solid minute to get used to its Ground typing. i mean, i kind of get why it's ground, but it was weird for me for a good while.
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Palkia is part Water Type because Pearls come from the sea.

Can we talk about how Normal doesn't really make much sense? Pure Normal Pokemon are fine. Girafarig is cool as a Normal/Psychic because of the two halves aspect. Normal/Flying is I guess fine, although now that Rookidee and Corvisquire exist as pure Flying, we can start asking questions about what makes them objectively not normal in comparison to say Pidgey, Spearow, Pidove, and the like. I do think that Hoothoot and Noctowl make sense to stay as Normal types since a part of their original identity was supposed to be the antithesis of Ghost Pokemon through the use of Foresight, though that move also got Thanos-snapped in Sword and Shield...

I can also see Meloetta since sound is apparently a Normal-Type trait (even though sound should, if anything, be super-effective against Rock and Steel Pokemon as opposed to be resisted by them).

But what about Pokemon like Bibarel, Pyroar, Sawsbuck, Heliolisk, and other part Normal Pokemon. What is it about the Pyroar line that's more Normal than, say, Arcanine who's also a Fire-Type that's not actually on Fire? Why is Sawsbuck Normal/Grass, but Gogoat isn't? What makes Heliolisk Normal where other, non-artificial Electric types aren't, like Pikachu? Why weren't Rockruff and his evolutions Normal/Rock when they seemingly meet similar standards as other duel Normal Pokemon?

It feels like GameFreak doesn't really know what Normal even is and just slap it onto whatever they want.

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Typings that make no sense, let's see........ Here's something! Incineroar is Fire/Dark instead of Fire/Fighting. I think Game Freak has got used to designing fire type starters like fighters and is not giving them a fighting type because of the uproar it may cause. Cinderace looks like fighting too!

Umm... what more? Aah, another one: the Applin line being dragons instead of bugs. How are they dragons, hehe, I guess that's Pokemon logic for us!

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